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namenlostilman: i will try to do something about tetex this we01:00
namenlostilman: don't know for sure, whether i'll find the time, but next week i am working in tyrol, so i have time during the week01:00
namenloscptn: so i tell romster, that i will have to take it unless the comes to opt?01:01
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cptnnamenlos: well...02:15
cptnnamenlos: I don't think he'll ever become an opt maintainer02:16
sepenis anyone using ck4up with sources?02:18
cptnsepen: not me02:18
cptnnamenlos: so just take over the port in opt, and inform him that imagemagick is in opt, and can therefore be removed from contrib02:18
cptnnamenlos: just don't waste too much time with this. Pick up the port, and inform him in a friendly way02:21
namenloscptn: ok, i will.02:21
sepenseems that responses with a 404 but when using wget I can
sepencptn +102:22
cptnsepen: I have no idea, but I can confirm the behaviour...02:23
cptnspider mode fails, non-spider works02:23
namenloshm, i wrote an email to him ~1h ago and informed him, that lyx depends on imagemagick and therefore must stay in opt.02:23
namenlosi will write a kinder email to him to inform him, that i take over...02:24
sepencptn, maybe they have a complex mirror file hosting02:24
sepenI'll contact with jue later too02:24
cptnnamenlos: sounds good02:24
cptnnamenlos: I'd avoid formulation like "I take over" and such02:25
cptnsince for some reason, this triggers a natural "no I don't want to give it away" reaction :-)02:25
namenloscptn: i will to my best (the problem is, that my english isn't very good and he speaks it natively)02:25
cptnin Romster, that is02:25
namenloscptn: i know.02:25
cptnin any case, if he wants to discuss this, you can tell him to take it to crux-devel02:26
cptnagain, don't waste your time :-)02:26
namenlosi will do it asap. the porblem is, that atm my boss is sitting behind me.02:27
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sepena manual connection also fails
sepenbreakfast time, bbl02:29
cptnsepen: enjoy :-)02:29
cptnnamenlos: well, as far as I'm concerned, take your time02:29
cptnit's still in opt, so dependencies work02:29
cptnwell, you're not listed as maintainer yet02:30
cptnso if you can only do it later this week, that's certainly no issue02:31
cptnjust make sure your boss is happy :-)02:31
namenlosimho he is. yesterday i helped him out with linux commands (yes, it seems, that tail and more are not known by everyone :D)02:32
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namenlosshould we add parrot to opt?11:23
namenlosi mean it is going to be the 'next perl', once it is final.11:23
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tilmannamenlos: i'd guess it doesn't have that much value for the typical crux user11:29
tilmannamenlos: it's like the python3 deal imo. useful for developers, but not so much in general11:30
tilmanimho ;)11:30
namenlostilman: that might be true.11:31
namenloshopefully the actuall parrot release (0.9.0) will have a working "make install", so that we finally have a working perl6 binary :D11:32
tilmanmmh, didn't parrot have a ruby implementation, too?11:33
namenlostilman: you meant: ?11:35
namenlosoh, yes cardial (overlooked this) ...11:35
namenloshm, i wonder, if all those languages will switch to parrot as their vm11:36
tilmanunlikely at least in ruby's case11:36
tilmanthere's the rubinius project, which builds a ruby vm written mostly in ruby11:37
namenlosthen they woudn't have to worry about a fast vm implementation any more11:37
namenlosa ruby vm written in ruby?11:37
tilmanfor some reason, people don't seem to care much about cardinal11:37
tilmannamenlos: well, the vm core is written in c++11:37
namenlosisn't this a eg - chicken thing?11:37
namenlosah, k11:37
namenlosparrot uploaded (according to chromatic)11:38
namenloshm, i will have to mess with it tomorrow11:39
namenlosi got to go :(11:39
tilmanok, bye11:40
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