IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-01-23

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sepentilman, (Master) + FTP Install  ==> 550 Failed to change directory04:02
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sepentilman, ftp install is not running on codemonkey, just I get a 550 error (failed to change directory)08:26
sepenI supposse the service is off08:27
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sepenwell, I upgraded my usbdisk stuff and also I added a wiki page, could someone to take a look? thanks13:13
cptnsepen: looks good, great work14:11
cptnthe one thing I don't understand is the note:14:11
cptn"you experienced some problems with other scripts [...]"14:11
cptnis that during the installation?14:11
sepenI mean net setup, but iirc is not in this iso14:50
sepenexists as a separated one right?14:50
cptnyes, I think jaeger did it14:58
sepenI think there aren't more involved files where replace the cdrom_dir value15:00
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namenlostilman, cptn: honestly i don't see the sense for the GIT_DIR variable in the git driver.16:16
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