IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2009-01-28

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jaegerso something like this: install pure64, update binutils, gcc, glibc, install glibc-compat32, then rebuild the rest?18:44
nipuLi'll upload the binutils, gcc and glibc* packages18:45
nipuLthen grab my repos, rebuild pkgutils first, then off you go18:45
nipuLyou don't even really need to rebuild anything else18:46
nipuLi just did it to make sure everything was working18:46
jaegeryeah, I suppose not. no compat32 packages will be installed by pure64 anyway18:46
nipuLyep those 3 ports are the only one affected by multilib18:47
nipuLyou'll also need to install compat32-utils which does some dependency checking in some compat32 ports18:54
nipuLunfortunately it's needed for libraries that get automatically detected, i haven't thought of a better solution yet18:56
jaegerhrmm, ok18:57
nipuLseems you can't use . /foo/*19:05
nipuLfor loop it is19:05
jaegerdid you have problems with the grub package on the pure64 iso?19:16
nipuLalso had trouble getting PATA drivers to work19:19
nipuLthat is, to get them work on first boot19:19
nipuLhad to use the old ata drivers, with lilo19:20
nipuLonce i got the systme up it was no problem to rebuild grub and the kernel19:21
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jaegeryeah, no biggie there19:22
nipuLnow that's odd, glibc-compat32 is significant;y larger than glibc19:23
nipuLthe packages, yet pkgsize reports the opposite19:26
nipuLTotal kilobytes for glibc : 4070019:28
nipuLsh-3.2$ pkgsize glibc-compat3219:28
nipuLTotal kilobytes for glibc-compat32 : 295619:28
nipuLsh-3.2$ ls -lh /home/pkgmk/package/x86_64/glibc*2.8-2*19:28
nipuL-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 11M 2008-11-28 08:46 /home/pkgmk/package/x86_64/glibc#2.8-2.pkg.tar.gz19:28
nipuL-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 22M 2008-12-12 13:14 /home/pkgmk/package/x86_64/glibc-compat32#2.8-2.pkg.tar.gz19:28
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nipuLpackage is twice the size, but installed is 13 times smaller19:28
nipuLkeine problem19:31
nipuLmy repos are here
nipuLdon't pull those yet though, i'm about to push some changes19:33
jaegerno worries, not even done with my install yet, got plenty to do19:34
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nipuLlet me know if i forgot anything20:03
jaegerok, will do20:15
jaegernipuL: when cloning opt, I get "warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout."... does that just mean there's nothing in the default but the 2.5-multilib branch will be fine?20:29
nipuLi didn't push master20:30
nipuLshould be safe, but thanks for the heads up20:30
jaegersame for xorg. not for core20:30
nipuLyeah i saw that20:30
nipuLfixed now20:31
jaegerhrmm... wonder if I did something wrong... configure's bitching about gcc not being able to create executables20:34
jaegeron a side note, pkg-config-compat32 references $name.freedesktop.org20:34
nipuLalready an extra set of eyes has produced results!!20:37
jaegerhrmm, no virtualbox is shitting itself, awesome20:46
nipuLcool i broke it!20:47

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