IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2009-01-31

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tilmanrehabdoll: did you notice any regressions in gcc 4.3.3 yet?04:34
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tilmanhi jue04:41
tilmanjue: just pushed that pciutils update04:41
tilmanjue: ... and i've been running gcc 4.3.3 for about a week now. no problem so far. we should consider pushing that as well sometime04:42
juetilman: running 4.3.3 together with libmpfr 2.4.0 since ~1 week here too04:42
juenothing conspicuous04:42
tilmani'm still using libmpfr 2.4.2 fwiw04:43
jueyou mean 2.3.2?04:43
tilmanoops, yes04:44
jueI'd suggest to upgrade both if we consider to do so, but would wait another few days04:46
juetilman: btw, have you seen ticket #421?04:53
tilmannot yet04:53
juea detailed discussion is here:04:53
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rehabdolltilman: nope, not yet07:58
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