IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2009-02-04

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jaegerI'm beginning to think maybe an ISO should be made that uses the old setup for those with smaller amounts of RAM08:44
jaegerThough I don't think anyone wants to get into maintaining 208:44
sepenor provide an alternate initrd for lowmem boxes08:58
sepenjaeger, also would be fine if you ask for what to do at this point (initramfs/init:  302 exec /bin/switch_root /newroot /sbin/init)09:03
jaegeryeah, I'll see if I can find some time to mess with it that way09:10
sepenthe new 'init' load all kernel modules, so if you don't pivot to the new root you'll save a lot of ram09:10
sepenjaeger, I think I have some code related that could be helpful09:12
sepenalso I want to test your last netsetup stuff and etc. for building a new usbdisk script ;D09:13
sepeniirc you pasted it yesterday at night09:13
jaegerI haven't tested it extensively yet but if you want to try it I can upload it09:16
sepenyou mean the usbdisk script?09:20
sepensorry, I don't understand you before, please remove my last question ;D09:22
sepenyes I would test it09:22
jaegerhehe, ok09:23
jaegeruploading now, it'll take a while as I've got it capped pretty low09:24
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sepenI'll try it later when go back to home09:52
sepenjaeger, I'm curious about git differences too ;d09:52
sepenor its init scripts are written from scratch?09:53
jaegernot written from scratch, modified from the 2.3 version09:55
jaegerbut the init script didn't change, only net-setup and net-setup-helper09:55
sepenhmm, so it could be appended to the official iso too, or am I wrong?10:16
sepenor it requires another and very different kernel and modules?10:17
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