IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2009-02-10

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mike_ksirmacik: have you resolved the gajim/gtk/libglade issue?07:19
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sirmacikmike_k: yes07:48
mike_ksmth trivial?07:49
sirmacikI don't know now, I'd installed libglade, recompiled gtk but gajim don't want work with it.07:50
mike_kso, it does not work for you now, right?07:51
sirmacikI haven't writing a bug notice beacause I was working at locate source of the problem07:56
mike_kI assume, you have installed all the deps. (I have not listed libglade, maybe it is optional) Nothing interesting on stdout?07:56
sirmacikand I haven't much time for it07:56
sirmacikYes I have all dependences07:56
sirmacikand after installing libglade gajim sitll gives me that error07:57
mike_kMaybe rabuilding some of the deps after installing libglade would fix that... I remember to 'strace gajim' to find some deps. ok, just let me know if it is my fault.07:58
sirmacikbut wahat other deps I should rebuild?08:00
mike_kmaybe gtk and pygtk08:01
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sirmacikrebuilding gtk doesn't slove the problem, I'll try pygtk08:02
sirmacikIt worked, mike_k we hawe to rebuild pygtk after libglade install08:06
sirmacikor add libglade as a dependency for pygtk?08:06
mike_ksirmacik: nice, thanks. I am not sure where the libglade should go.08:07
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mike_kI'll ask pygtk maintainer later08:08
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juetilman: looks like gcc 4.3.3 is working flawless, at least for me13:00
tilmanfeel free to push it!13:02
juegood, how about binutils 2.19.1 ?13:03
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juehi cptn13:03
juecptn: objections against a gcc update to 4.3.3?13:06
cptnno, I haven't played with it yet though13:08
cptnare there known thing that will break?13:08
tilmanwb cptn13:08
cptnhey tilman13:08
jueAFAIK, no13:09
cptnsounds good then :-)13:11
juebtw, a litte ck4up update, nothing fancy but a new option -p/--parseonly13:18
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mike_koh, I was just searching the git repo for ck4up to see the changes13:20
mike_kjue: thanks13:21
sepensounds nice, thnkx jue13:21
sepenhehe I'm in the credits13:22
cptnjue: works nicely :-)13:25
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sepenjue, could be possible something like this as an option in ck4up?13:30
mike_kit is not meant to be so crux specific, I guess13:32
juehmm, looks a bit too crux specific to me13:32
sepenyep it's too specific13:32
sepennot a good idea ;D13:34
sepeniirc I seen ck4up listed in bsd portage13:34
juesepen: I've written a ck4up clone in awk, if you want something other than ruby to play with13:36
tilmanoh btw13:36
sepenbut I like this script more than that (How to check if you have all your ports listed in your configuration file.)13:36
tilmanjue: should we have opt/ruby19?13:36
sepenjue, hmm interesting thing13:36
tilmanjue: 1.9.1 is the new stable, although obviously there's still lots of code that depends on 1.813:36
juetilman: yeah, saw that too, but havn't had time to look at it yet13:37
sepentilman, this is an example about how we changed to migrate our rails application in production
sepenthat was for what I said 'rails is horrible' ;D13:42
sepenwe changed around 1000 lines of code iirc13:43
sepenjue, thanks, I'll try later (also in the obsd box)13:44
sepenjue, the README is also a .awk file?13:45
sepenDesktop/README.awk: ASCII English text13:45
sepenbut the webserver returns me a binary file due to the .awk extension I supposse13:46
jueyeah, the mime configuration for my mathopd is very minimal ;-)13:48
sepen".. to show that awk can do much more than {print $1}.."13:48
mike_knipuL: opt/pygtk should depend on libglade (according to footprint errors)13:52
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