IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2009-02-15

marotilman: how's pkgutils6 progressing? :)00:57
prologicwhat's the new changes being done ?01:12
maromaking it pkgrm work I guess01:42
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tilmanmaro: it isn't :D03:11
tilmanmaro: no, pkgrm works iirc. i started adding pkgadd last time03:11
marofeared so03:11
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tilmanmaro: i have a WIP patch somewhere, if you're interested in trying it and hacking on it :D04:23
marosure, I'm very interested in pkgutils6 :)04:24
tilmanok, i will paste that patch tonight04:24
tilmanit's on my desktop, and i'm not home ;)04:24
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