IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2009-02-19

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nipuLexample of use05:18
nipuLexample, adding yoursekf as the maintainer05:19
nipuLsomething "cleverer" might be nice05:21
nipuLextra template varaiables, being able to compose profiles05:21
sepenI've my own one too
nipuLof course you do :)05:34
sepenI'll take a look inside your code later05:36
nipuLit's pretty basic05:36
nipuL$ prtcreate foo05:36
sependoes it have auto version release numbering?05:36
nipuLlooks for ~/.prtcreate/foo05:36
nipuLand uses that as the pkgfile template05:36
nipuLit's just a few lines of diff against prtcreate05:37
nipuLcomposing template files would be nice05:39
nipuLlike, prtcreate sf python05:39
nipuLwould make a Pkgfile with the default sf download source file and python boilerplate in build05:40
sepenhmm it would be nice05:41
sepenalso for savanna, berlios, etc.05:41
sepenone of the most interesting point for me its to unificate Pkgfile's (i.e: identation, metas, etc.)05:42
nipuLi don't think unificate is a word05:43
nipuLunify is probably the word you were after05:43
sepenyeah, sorry05:43
nipuLor perhaps unification05:43
nipuLenglish is a bitch05:43
sepenI'm going to take a look at the dictionary05:43
Rotwangmake a crux-port-2009 standard ;]05:43
sepenno matches found ;D05:44
sepenunification, and unified is the adjective, nice05:45
sepenthnx nipuL, I'm also a bitch muhahaha05:45
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j^2DarkNekros: nice11:19
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DarkNekrosthanks j^2 ;)12:31
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nipuLJust updated the Haskell wiki page on CRUX if anyone's interested, it covers using cabal with CRUX.20:55

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