IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-02-20

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tilmanhaskell \o/07:00
nipuLnow i just need to learn how to write/read the code ;)07:10
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mike_kprologic: what about 'locale -a'?13:15
prologicone sec13:16
prologicgawd is there anyway to remove that locale! :)13:17
prologicoh wait13:17
prologicI created that - copied/pasted without looking or thinking13:17
prologicgah I'm an idiot :)13:17
prologicQ: How do you remove locales ?13:19
prologicQ: How do you set the system default locale ?13:19
prologicwarnings are gone now :)13:20
mike_kI am not a big locale user. at least you can remove the file itself /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive and recreate them13:22
prologicthanks for your help :)13:24
prologicI'm an idiot :P13:24
mike_kthe rest is in locale(1p) and localedef(1p)13:25
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