IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2009-03-04

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Rotwangshouldnt dollar sign precede variable names?10:44
cptnheh, true10:44
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tilman_hi cptn11:05
tilman_long time no see11:05
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cptnthere are some indentation issues there, but other than that I'm quite happy11:06
cptnnot even sure if we need the symbolic errors for now :-)11:07
cptnbut '-in' would be nice for prt-get11:07
tilmanfirst: \o/ for doing this11:07
tilmanre. retvalues.diff for now :p11:08
tilmancptn: would be great to have a short oneliner comment for the various error constants :P11:08
cptntrue :-)11:08
tilmancptn: why do you return -FOO instead of FOO?11:08
tilmanlooks kernel space-ish :D11:09
cptnyeah, I guess that's where it cames from11:09
cptnI just thought that it might be nice to have <0 error values11:09
cptnbut didn't want to enumerate them negatively11:09
cptnbut I don't really mind either way11:10
tilmanuserspace apps don't do that usually, do they?11:10
cptnprobably not11:10
cptnI'll change that11:10
tilmanwoohoo for ignore-new.diff :)11:11
cptnthat one was surprisingly easy :-)11:11
Rotwang# bash -c 'exit -1';echo $?11:13
Rotwangit overflows anyway11:13
tilmanis that platform specific behaviour though?11:14
cptnI've grown to like 'git gui'11:21
cptnand interactive rebase :-)11:22
tilmaninteractive rebase ftw11:22
cptncontains both features11:26
cptnI'll prepare a tarball for testing11:27
cptnhttpup sync pkgutils11:34
cptnmmmh, uploaded copy has an error12:09
tilmancptn: i probably won't test it before the weekend12:22
cptnno worries12:24
cptnI guess I could push it to a branch12:28
cptnor I'll just wait :-)12:29
cptntime for some food, ttyl12:29
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nipuLi like the error codes patch, is this new feature going to be used by prt-get?14:49
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* namenlos wonders, why people aren't using more often...16:36 is less characters to type16:42
nipuLbut gist does have a nice selection of markups16:53
namenlosi like the history thing16:53
namenlosand the ability to clone it16:54
nipuLdoesn't do that too?16:56
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