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tilmanhi jue03:45
sepenmorning jue03:46
juetilman: have you done any tests/work on the pending core-ports updates?03:49
tilmanjue: i didn't pay attention to crux things for about 4+ weeks03:50
tilmananything i didn't push yet i'm not aware of03:50
jueok, so I'll commit them03:50
tilmanactually, i know about tar :D03:51
jueyeah, supporting xz now03:52
tilmanlibarchive will have xz support in 2.7 fwiw03:53
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sepenjue, when I should merge xfce46 into xfce.git? or should I create a new branch? what are your opinion?04:16
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jue4.6 is the stable release, so I'd say now04:21
sepenwell, ATM there are some gst-* dependent ports like the new xfce4-mixer and xfburn, so what to do? maintain these ports in the xfce repo? also I noted that gnome depends on these ports too (see, so what to do for avoiding duplicates, keep them in contrib, in opt, ...?04:22
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sepenI wouldn't like to have xfce related ports dependent on contrib ones04:23
tilmanhaving gstreamer in opt would be nice04:23
sepenbut unfortunately gst is owned by Romster04:23
jueyep, my thought as well04:23
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sepenI talked with he about that sometime ago04:23
sepenhehe D.E discussion started again ;D04:24
sepenhere a list of gst dependent apps
juewell, that's not a DE discussion, if there are good reasons to have a port in opt that has priority04:26
sepenjue, but Romster is disagree about lost some ports from his farm04:27
tilmanmaybe he should grow up then04:28
sepenimho those gst-* ports should be in opt, and I could maintain some of them04:29
Rotwangsepen: have you tried mailing list?04:30
jueRotwang: for what?04:31
sepenwell, I like to talk this kind of things here before open a discussion in the ML04:31
Rotwangjue: so wider public could contribute to solving the problem04:32
sepenimho, ports are more important than maintainers, so why not pick those ports for opt?04:33
juesepen: I'd suggest to write Romster a friendly email and add the ports after that whithout further discussion04:33
Rotwangdear romster all your gst ports belong to me, cheers sepen04:34
sepenjue, yeah, but I talked directly with he in his hvlinux channel, but he wasn't polite with me04:34
sepenhe wanted to maintain those ports in opt04:34
tilmani want a pony :>04:35
sepenjue, I'll try newly when having some time and calm ;D04:35
sepentilman, and me another girl ;D04:35
juerunning for lunch now, bbl04:36
Rotwangsepen: be happy w/ just one04:37
sepenimho he should be happy if one of his packaged ports become part of opt although he isn't the maintainer04:40
sepenwell, I should part now to my father's home, bye04:44
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j^2hey all18:57
j^2been awhile aon18:57
j^2how you doing?18:57
aonokay i guess18:58
aonhaving a week off from university18:58
j^2ah nice18:58
j^2im sittig in hooters eating  well waiting for food18:59
j^2people watching18:59
j^2fun times19:00
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jaegerI hope your local hooters has better food than ours :)19:05
aoni accidentally shut down my laptop by hitting an usb port with a spoon19:12
aonand now x won't start19:12
aonnice :)19:12
rehabdollyou go to hooters for the food, do you? :)19:17
jaegerNo, I wouldn't say that... anyone going there for the food is deluding himself... I'm just saying that even THEY should not be able to fuck up a cheeseburger or hot wings, but they can19:31
nipuLi wonder if i could convince my wife to wear a tight fitting shirt and shorts while serving me a lukewarm cheeseburger19:51
nipuLunlikely, such a proposution would likely end up with me sleeoping on the couch19:51
jaegeryeah, think that's a "before you get married" thing19:55
nipuLwasn't my thing before getting married19:59
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