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nipuLlooks like i did put myself down as the qemu maintainer, anyone tested 0.10.0 yet?00:36
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nipuLi've pushed the new qemu and kqemu to git://
nipuLit's working for me, but i'd like to know if anyone has any problems before i replace qemu-bin03:44
nipuLum, it's still pushing the 2.5 branch03:44
nipuLok, pushed03:47
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nipuLugh, time to tackle qt3 :(05:07
nipuLcptn: may i suggest the following lines in qt4 before configure is run06:36
nipuL    [ "$CC" ] && sed -i "s|gcc|$CC|" mkspecs/*/*.conf06:37
nipuL    [ "$CXX" ] && sed -i "s|g++|$CXX|" mkspecs/*/*.conf06:37
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nipuLbah, variances in Pkgfile encoding is making life miserable for me07:46
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nipuLluckily i can just catch the iso-8859-1 files08:07
tilmani'd read them in as utf8 and complain to authors who don't comply with that08:08
tilmanit's 2009, damnit ;p08:08
nipuL> file */*/Pkgfile | grep ISO | cut -d: -f1 | xargs grep "#\W*Maintainer" | grep Tilman08:39
nipuLopt/ctags/Pkgfile:# Maintainer: Tilman Sauerbeck, tilman at crux dot nu08:39
nipuLopt/ruby-gtk/Pkgfile:# Maintainer: Tilman Sauerbeck, tilman at crux dot nu08:39
* tilman blames havard moen ;)08:39
nipuLheh, i got 4 hits08:39
nipuLone from romster and 43 of simone's orphans08:42
tilmanshould i just remove those Packager lines? mmh.08:43
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tilmanhi jue08:44
nipuLif you used emacs you should just change the encoding and write the file08:45
tilmani can do that with vim, too08:45
nipuLnot sure how to do it in vim08:45
tilman:set fileencoding=utf-808:45
tilmannipuL: i'm pondering because i suggested getting rid of Packager in the past08:45
jueIIRC we agreed on using only ASCII for Pkgfile's some times ago08:46
nipuLbut it's 2009, everything should be utf8 aware by now08:47
juewell, but that's not a reason to use any other than ASCII in Pkgfile's08:48
tilmanjue: mmh, i remember discussing this, yes.08:49
juethat was the reason for me to change the umlaut in J├╝rgen to Juergen08:50
tilmanjuly 200808:50
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nipuLhmm, i wonder if i could write pkgfile parser in javascript08:56
tilmanit's turing complete, right? ;)08:57
nipuLthat would pull data from the respective httpup repo08:57
nipuLi'm having a play with a new portdb08:59
nipuLoh great, some 8859 was found in a footprint09:03
juenipuL: tried to clone your opt repo, but got a "Connection refused" error09:15
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cptna cat maybe?15:28
aonmight be15:28
aoncats usually have such things to say15:28
Rotwangthats one monotematic cat15:32
nipuLwtf, git daemon isn't serving for some reason15:57
nipuLthe port is open, but no one's at home15:57
nipuLnow why is it only listening on ipv616:16
nipuLok, working now16:19
aondone wrong, thinks that by listening on v6 you also listen on v4? :)16:20
nipuLit's inetd16:30
nipuLit's only creating services on ipv6 for some reason16:31
nipuLhmm, seems you have to specify tcp4 and tcp6 now, tcp just defaults to tcp616:32
aonthere was a thread about that on the ml some time ago16:35
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nipuLyay, almost blew up the engine in my car today18:16
nipuLis the [notify] tag only for security updates?18:19
nipuLi've changed the layout of qt3 which might break some ports that depend on it18:19
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