IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2009-03-10

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cptnnipuL: fp missmatch for qemu 0.10.007:52
cptnnipuL: other than that, it seems to work fine08:14
cptnafter some quick tests08:14
cptnI also tested in combination with kqemu 1.4.0pre108:14
cptnfine too08:14
cptnnipuL: btw: for the qt3 migration, maybe you could send a mail to the ML first, to allow packagers to prepare updated versions of dependent ports08:14
cptnand give the 1-2 days to react :-)08:15
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nipuLcptn: odd, i wonder why your system built the man pages and documentation, mine doesn't16:40
nipuLnothing int he build log stands out either16:41
cptnnipuL: it's my machine at work, so I can't check right now16:59
cptnbut I believe I have texinfo installed there16:59
cptnmaybe that's there reason16:59
cptnin any case, it's just new files17:01
cptnso no biggie :-)17:01
cptnthanks for the qt3 work17:03
cptnI'll look into adapting qt4 later this week17:03
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nipuLi can't even see where the files came from17:50
nipuLah, found them *.texi17:50
nipuLi don't really want to add texinfo as a dependency, but the man pages should atleast go in the right place17:51
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nipuLwow, ok don't deptree xorg21:04
nipuLthe orm eats up all the memory when you do21:04
rehabdollsweet work btw21:05
nipuLjebus, the query eats up about 500Mb and that's with no duplicate ports21:20
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nipuLyay, that's heaps quicker23:40
nipuLwithout eating memory23:41

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