IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2009-03-12

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rbansalHi Guys, I need a MIPS32 toolchain with NPTL support, so can anyone help me in this regard?00:19
prologicThe good news is that CRUX is looking into an official x86_64 distribution.00:27
prologicyou guys are ?00:27
prologicthat would be great :)00:27
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cptnrbansal: there's no MIPS port of CRUX01:54
rbansalthanks cptn01:55
cptnso probably not01:55
cptnI couldn't remember anyone playing with it either01:55
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sepenI modified my crontab line from */30 to */15, so it seems that is doing the trick
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rehabdollsepen: dev86 does not compile on x86_64. these patches fixes it:
rehabdollxalan-c needs make -j1 on my system btw17:35
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nipuLcptn: i still don't get your footprint mismatch, even with texinfo installed20:28

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