IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2009-03-15

tilmani wonder whether some nameservers automatically lookup '' if you ask for just 'foo' and that one isn't found03:43
tilmani suspect my isp's nameservers might do that03:44
nipuLi suspect it's on the server end03:51
nipuLboth domains work03:51
nipuLyou just need the www. to hit the webserver now03:52
nipuLenforcing www. is silly, i was always of the opinion that http:// implied www.03:53
nipuLi just add it do domains because of stupid people that always put www in front of everything03:53
tilmanthe protocol doesn't imply that you want to hit the server that's serving web stuff though03:54
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jaegerI had a boss at an old job who equated www with internet so he wanted it on everything... web servers, mail servers, ldap, oracle09:21
jaegerpretty much09:24
jaegerwe got him off that kick but it took YEARS09:24
treachhaha, old people and new stuff >_<09:25
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leonheartto begin excuse me for my bad english13:47
leonhearti would like create a website for the french user.13:48
leonhearti can ? or no ?13:49
jaegerI don't see any reason why you cannot13:55
treachheh, we'll just send our ultra scary legal departement after him if he screws up. :p13:55
treachtbh, as long as one doesn't make oneself out to represent crux, it's developers and stupid stuff like that, there shouldn't be any problem IMO.13:57
treachI think there are some sites like that in ukrainian/russian, iirc.13:57
treachi.e, national ones, not misrepresenting.13:58
leonhearti found a french web site14:00
leonheartbut it's very old14:00
tilmanmaybe you could try to contact the guys who made and see whether you can revive it?14:06
leonheartImpossible to contact the webmaster14:08
leonheartno link to the web site for contact14:08
leonheartbut it's not very important. Tanks you for all.14:16
jaegergood luck :)14:16
treachdon't make the same mistake. :/14:16
leonheartdon't worry14:18
leonheartI keep posted you14:18
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* treach wonders if calling 33 387 926 926 would reveal the guilty.14:18
treachmaybe we could claim copyright infringement or something. :p14:19
nipuLi'm curious, how is crux going to be useful for a non-english speaker anyway?15:53
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