IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2009-03-16

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nipuLwee, ajaxiness!
nipuLclick on the [+] in Files07:00
treachonly works one way :p07:03
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nipuLyes, hence th giant "beta" stamp in the logo07:39
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nipuLnow it works both ways, happy?08:15
nipuLand, no, i'm not going to make the + turn into a -08:16
jaeger1 way was good enough for me, heh08:20
nipuLanyhoo, off to bed08:37
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nipuLi wish people wouldn't put dumb hacks in their pkgfiles, it makes importing them into my portdb a pain20:50
jaegerlike what? I've been guilty of that, probably20:51
nipuLthe one i've hit now is name="linux-${version}"20:52
nipuLyesterday it was misusing the release variable20:52
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