IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2009-03-21

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tilmangood morning jue03:38
juehi tilman03:40
jueyou owe me a half cookie ;-)03:41
tilmanfor taking jdk?03:41
tilmanerr, jre?03:41
jueyes, but it's only jre03:41
* tilman vim ~/COOKIES03:41
juetilman: you've seen the ck4up message for patch?03:50
juepatch has a new maintainer and one of his first actions was to move version 2.5.9 from to without further notice03:52
jueso it looks like he consider 2.5.9 stable03:53
tilmanjue: i've seen it in the mail, but i didn't look further :o03:57
juewell, I've looked at it already in January because of that:04:00
jueworks for me without problems, so I'd suggest to upgrade04:03
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nipuLthe new kqemu is pretty buggy :\ shame it's that or nothing with the new qemu22:47
nipuLit eats up all my memory here. ironically, it runs faster without kqemu enabled because i don't hit swap22:50
nipuLperhaps i can control it by setting the size of dev/shm22:55

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