IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2009-03-22

nipuLoh well00:40
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prologicI think I want to test unix domain sockets in circuits tonight06:25
prologicand write a pipe function06:25
prologicwhich I think should be nothing more fancier than returning 2 Server component instnaces06:25
prologicdef pipe():06:26
prologic   pair = socket.socketpair()06:27
Rotwanguse Perl;06:27
prologic   return TCPServer(pair[0]), TCPServer(pair[1])06:27
prologicsomething like that06:27
prologicwow I'm in the wrong channel :)06:27
prologicserves me right :)06:27
nipuLteK: ?08:26
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teKnipuL: you got mail.16:44
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