IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2009-03-28

nipuL*sigh* i wish people's makefiles would allow for commands that take arguments00:00
nipuLeg, i haven't been able to compile openssl-compat32 since 0.9.8i00:00
nipuLmake: invalid option -- '3'00:00
nipuLmake: invalid option -- '2'00:00
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mike_knipuL: flup depends on setuptools. it tries to download them otherwise mumbling about firewall, etc09:36
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rehabdollnew firefox with securityfixes14:28
rehabdollnipuL: "32bit junk" - so true :)14:29
tilmanrehabdoll: will update rsn; thanks for the headsup14:39
rehabdollmesa 7.4 \o/16:25
tilmanrequires a dri2proto pre-release hough :x16:26
rehabdolloh, i already use a pre-release so didnt notice :)16:37
rehabdollcant remember why though :D16:37
rehabdolloh yeah, evdev16:37
rehabdollor something16:37
rehabdollno, it was xrandr16:38
tilmaninsane and a bit less insane16:38
rehabdolldamn im getting senile16:38
tilmanrehabdoll: compiz might benefit from dri216:39
rehabdolli wanted to set diffrent dpi's on diffrent displays but it was never included in xrandr 1.3 D;16:40
Rotwangrehabdoll: your webkit port is outdated16:43
Rotwangjust reporting16:43
rehabdolli know16:45
Rotwangbumping $version to latest nightly should suffice16:45
rehabdolli have a couple of ports i no longer use16:46
rehabdollbtw tilman, when will we see a new release of raktpdf? :D16:49
tilmanwhen someone else picks it up, i guess :D16:50
tilmanepdfview works for me these days16:50
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nipuLi tried to add printing at one stage18:59

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