IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2009-03-30

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rehabdollwould someone mind if i delete all opt-x86_64 ports where the opt/ version builds fine?13:05
rehabdolland only keep those with special 64bit quirks ?13:05
jaegerI don't mind but then again I'm not really involved :)13:13
tilmanthe only one who's really involved is rehabdoll13:13
rehabdollits only 4-5 ports that would remain in opt-x86_6413:14
rehabdolland it feels kind of pointless to just dupe the regular opt-ports13:14
tilmanrehabdoll: go ahead, but please tag the repo before doing so13:17
tilmangit tag -m "pre blabla removal"13:17
tilmangit push --tags13:17
mike_k_I am totally uninvolved, would that affect the rsync driver? Say, would user get a complete opt tree on the x86_64 with only one opt-blah.rsync ?13:17
jaegeranyone in here ever used BlueQuartz/BlueOnyx? Not really important, just curious13:18
tilmanmike_k_: aha, you have a point there :D13:18
mike_k_i guess, the final structure is still undecided. Now you'll likely to move architecture specific repo up in the prt-get .conf and that's all. but in the future...13:20
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