IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2009-03-31

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nipuLrehabdoll: it's better to keep all ports03:45
nipuLeven if they are the same as i68603:46
nipuLtilman: any particular reason to use bools as return values for the pkg_databse operations in the pkgutils6 branch?03:50
nipuLrather than return codes?05:09
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rehabdollnipuL: ive kept all ports that only needs a new footprint05:49
rehabdollit would be nice if ports that builds fine on both arch's could be merged when doing a ports -u or something05:49
rehabdollmerged with arch-specific ports that is05:52
nipuLi still think it's better that you keep all ports, it points out that the port has obviously been tested against the arch06:32
nipuLand when mainline ports upgrade it gives the arch maintainers a chance to verify the port aswell06:33
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tilmannipuL: no, we'll probably have to use a bunch of different return codes at some point11:29
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juerehabdoll: I agree with nipuL, IMO not a good idea to remove all the ports16:30
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