IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2009-04-14

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rehabdollmavrick was disconnected from irc at the same moment went down11:10
rehabdollsomeone probably cut the wrong cable :)11:11
Rotwangangry construction worker11:44
teKthe cleaner :>13:55
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jaegerthinking I'll start mirroring ports when the server comes back :)16:19
rehabdollim thinking of mirroring all distfiles :>16:25
rehabdollits always something.....16:25
rehabdolland sourceforge..16:25
jaegerI usually use gentoo's mirrors since they have the space :)16:32
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nipuLcrux is still down!?18:54
jaegerseems so :(18:55
nipuLmaybe we should throw up a few mirrors when it comes back18:57
jaegeryeah, was thinking about that18:58

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