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rehabdollsepen: subversion now depends on sqlite305:32
sepensorry for the mistake, I should read it before nothing05:32
sepenI'm reading "..I believe subversion only pulls in sqlite if apr-util is linked against it..."05:34
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jueaon: lsof is currently broken (new version out, old source moved to subdir old)06:22
rehabdollconfigure still looks for it06:43
jueaon: sorry, the ? was meant for rehabdoll07:20
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tilmanWTF: Please don't go add a load of fsync()s to your applications "just to be safe." On 99.99% of ext3 systems in use, fsync() won't return until all outstanding writes to the ENTIRE file system have hit disk. This causes enormous, unacceptable latencies if anyone else is using the disk, and in most cases isn't what you actually want. (See data=guarded mode, below.)08:32
tilmanah shit08:32
tilmani meant so say: WTF Please don't go add a load of fsync()s to your applications "just to be safe." On 99.99% of ext3 systems in use, fsync() won't return until all outstanding writes to the ENTIRE file system have hit disk. This causes enormous, unacceptable latencies if anyone else is using the disk, and in most cases isn't what you actually want. (See data=guarded mode, below.)08:32
tilmanHEAD DESK08:32
tilmansorry bout the spamming08:33
tilmanso data=writeback will be the default ext3 operating mode from 2.6.30 on, even though fs people consider it insane?08:34
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treachbtrfs save us. :p08:50
tilmantreach: read the article? "chris mason is taking timeoff btrfs to implement data=guarded for ext3" (not a real quote)08:51
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tilmanLibarchive 2.7.0 Released08:53
treachjesus f. christ. What a mess those ext people have made.08:53
tilman * First-class support for lzma and xz reading and writing, using the08:53
tilmannewly-released liblzma libraries.08:53
tilmanjue: ^^^^ :)08:53
tilmanjue: let's try to do a crux 2.6 release this summer :)08:54
treachtilman: apparently writeback IS the default, unless I'm missing something.08:55
treach"Please test it - the more testing it gets, the sooner data=writeback will stop being the default"08:55
treachn/m, missed the line above08:56
tilmanMISSING   b5584e31448c48fedebb8b038c95e70f  sqlite-amalgamation-3.6.13.tar.gz08:56
tilmanNEW       681722e7cdc6d9ab3be836736ed50641  sqlite-amalgamation-3.6.13.tar.gz08:56
tilmancan anyone confirm that?08:56
jesse_I get the same mismatch.08:57
treachbtw, speaking of 2.6, is an official 64b port even on the map?09:01
tilmannot afaik09:01
treachok, was starting to think about that there probably are growing number of people with >4 GB ram, and 64b is getting pretty well established by now. but inertia is not so easily overtaken, I guess ;)09:03
tilmandoes my laptop's core duo cpu work with x86_64 stuff?09:03
tilmani think it does, since it probably isn't ia64 :>09:03
tilmani doubt we really can maintain two flavours of crux09:04
treachunless it's an oldish core duo I think it would support x86_6409:04
treachyou could always try booting up a 64 live cd or something. :p09:04
tilman$ grep 64 /proc/cpuinfo09:05
tilmanclflush size : 6409:05
aonah right, was supposed to test the alleged blurfascism :)09:06
treachlooks like it should work09:06
tilmanaon: yes please09:06
tilmani wonder whether the framebuffer stuff works with intel kms09:07
tilmanatm the kernel is booting into text mode, so i still see flickering when x starts up09:07
tilmanaon: oh btw. kms will break switching to a text console, so you probably should set up a display manager first. otherwise you'll have to halt/reboot your machine blindly :)09:08
aongood to know :)09:08
aonwill take a while, turns out i don't have /proc/config.gz :)09:08
tilmanaon: modprobe configs09:08
aondon't have that nor the source tree used to build the running kernel09:10
treachugh :|09:10
aonindeed :)09:11
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Guest46314tilman: they did massive changes to sqlite without raising the version, I hate that10:28
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aonwonder if i could close 40310:33
aoni think i will10:36
jaegeryou can't; it's forbidden!10:38
* jaeger ducks10:38
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tilmanjue: did you see my thoughts on libarchive and crux 2.6? :)10:41
jueboth are ok for me :-)10:42
tilmanjue: also, there's an libxcb and libx11 update that means we have to recompile every single x application10:47
tilman(because libx11-xcb is gone...)10:48
tilmandoing that in between releases might be painful :(10:48
teKis there a rough timeline for 2.6?10:48
tilmanare you interested in lies?10:49
teK(speaking of ambitons for lvm and LUKS)10:49
jueyeah, not really acceptable10:49
teKwell.. of course when it's done, I know10:49
teKjue: what's not acceptable10:49
tilmanteK: i'll probably have more timefor crux soon... we could talk about integrating luks/lvm into core then10:49
tilmanteK: the x11 rebuild sh*t10:49
teK'd love to :-)10:50
juetek: recompile every x app10:50
teKtilman: why more time? 'Kurzarbeit'? :)10:50
teKjue: ah okay10:50
tilmanno more "ueberstunden" ;)10:50
teKnearly the same10:50
teKdude, I have to hold myself back if arch is praised in online-forums :>10:54
treach"├╝berstunden" and "kurzarbeit".. one might be forgiven if one start to wonder in what kind of business you guys are. ;)10:59
teKautomotive industry, if you care11:00
treachanyway, rehabdoll, I think you mentioned you had a new x86_64 build in the works, did that happen? I can only find -3 in /c6411:00
treachteK: j/k ;)11:00
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tilmanjue: it seems liblzma hasn't been released yet though?11:57
tilmanjue: you were thinking about using the command line tool from as well, no?11:57
jueno, it's still beta, though the last commits are looking like a preparation for the release12:00
jueand yes to the second question12:01
tilmanthe libarchive author wrote about "... the recently released liblzma..."12:01
tilmanwhich confused me :)12:01
juemaybe he means the commit that puts most of the stuff into puplic domain12:04
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rehabdolljaeger: you would not happened to have cracked that iso-modules thing?14:31
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jaegerrehabdoll: unfortunately I haven't had time to look into it. I just got back from spending 4 hours at my boss' house sorting out his router,wireless, and ipsec tunnel, for example :P16:28
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rehabdolllol, i feel for you17:12
rehabdollim the companys personal IT-guy17:12
rehabdolli spent a few hours christmas day helping my boss sort out their digital camera17:13
rehabdoll(how to transfer files from it to their computer"17:13
rehabdollthat was fun17:13
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