IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2009-04-30

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rehabdollwierdness. i get this footprint during stage 2 of bootstrap:05:14
rehabdollalso, net-tools seems to be sensitive to races during build05:23
rehabdoll-j1 is probably a good idea05:23
rehabdollouch, new lftp segfaults07:35
rehabdollyeah, tap the tab-bar a couple of times07:48
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tilmanhi jue08:07
juetilman: you've seen the TODO26 page I've started some days ago?08:14
tilmanno, not yet08:14
tilmanjue: btw, bash 4 works nicely for me08:14
juesame here08:16
tilmanjue: re. TODO26 -- we might just dump rdate... openntp is a better replacement imo08:19
jueyep, it's more than a replacement, it's a different thing08:21
jueopenrdate is the rdate part of openntp08:21
jueI'm not sure if most people need a NTP server08:22
tilmandoes openrdate use adjtime()?08:23
tilmanwhat makes rdate suck is that it doesn't...08:24
juefor not always running boxes chrony might be a better solution than ntp/openntp08:24
jueyeah, sure08:24
jueI wouldn't suggest it if it dosn't ;-)08:24
tilmanmmh, i didn't know of chrony08:24
juethe biggest problem of our rdate IMO is, that it dosn't speak the NTP but only TIME08:26
jueand that is solved with openrdate08:26
juebtw, port for openrdate is in my repo08:31
jueman-page for openrdate ->
tilmanlooks good08:35
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aonhappy laborday eve, fellaz11:08
tilmansame to you11:08
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tilmaninasne creeping death performance :D14:00
sepenreally insane, ;D14:33
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