IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-05-01

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rehabdolltilman: theres a fixed lftp out now09:05
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tilmanrehabdoll: thanks09:49
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sepenRotwang, just I finished a minidoc for the metaports driver
sepensurely I've some english errors ;D10:03
aonsepen: cool10:17
jaegerwell, that was interesting10:18
jaegergot my x keyboard somehow in an infinite ENTER loop10:18
sepenwell surely there are a lot of things that could be better10:18
sepenATM, I'm using it on a pc for a few ports of yhafri collection10:20
sepenalso I renamed the meta.mpup file to yhafri.mpup, just a fake repo ;D10:20
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tilmanrehabdoll: why is eg valgrind still in opt-x86_64? because it has my name on it? or is there some other reason it needs to stay?14:37
tilmani'm really asking, why didn't you kill it in your big purge a couple of months ago :)14:38
tilmanah, footprint mismatch14:40
tilmanx86-linux vs amd64-linux14:40
tilmanmaybe we can force that read just 'linux'14:40
tilmanlike jue does for opt/ruby14:41
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rehabdollno, i ran through all ports that didnt require extra stuff to be built15:25
rehabdollbut there were some ports i couldnt test at the time15:25
rehabdoll.. and then i forgot :)15:25
tilmanrehabdoll: just pushed a version bump for valgrind15:27
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