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tilmandid anyone else try dhcpcd 5.0.1?05:53
aonshould one try it?05:54
tilmanyeah, that would be nice05:54
tilmanworks perfectly on my laptop05:54
aonis there a port somewhere?05:54
tilmanon my desktop, it seems dhcpcd started twice.. not sure what's up yet05:55
tilmanaon: bleh, just bump the version to 5.0.1 :P05:55
aonhehe :)05:55
tilman-h $HOSTNAME is the default now05:55
tilmanso people can remove that part from their rc scripts05:55
aonthat's the default in 4.0.13 too05:56
tilmani still ran .12 here :D05:56
tilmanis stdout of rc.d/* sent to syslog?05:57
tilmanwait, no.05:57
tilmanwhat i'm seeing on the desktop is:05:57
tilman[timestamp] [hostname] dhcpcd: blabla, getting lease, blah05:57
tilman[timestamp] [hostname] net: blabla, getting lease, blah05:57
aonin messages?05:58
aonMay  3 13:56:39 banana dhcpcd: version 5.0.1 starting05:58
aonMay  3 13:56:39 banana dhcpcd: wlan0: rebinding lease of
aonMay  3 13:56:39 banana dhcpcd: wlan0: acknowledged from
aonMay  3 13:56:39 banana dhcpcd: wlan0: checking for
aonMay  3 13:56:43 banana dhcpcd: wlan0: leased for 43200 seconds05:58
aonMay  3 13:56:43 banana dhcpcd: forking to background05:58
aonthat's what i have so far05:58
tilmanaon: could you give me the ip of one of the opendns servers please?06:03
aona sec06:06
tilmanmy ISP's nameservers are working again06:06
aoncool, the ip's are on the front page of opendns.com06:06
tilmanwhat sucks about opendns is that they redirect you to  a search site if they cannot resolve a hostname06:07
aonand i've heard they block stuff06:08
tilmanhaha, now they fail again06:08
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aonOpenDNS home06:09
tilmanyeah, got it06:09
* tilman put a lot of ips in /etc/resolv.conf.tail :P06:09
tilmannow with dri2, gem and all that i could probably try wayland06:13
tilmanmmh, too much work ;)06:36
aoni really need to edit my xmodmap :)06:48
aonhave to reboot way too often because of the lack of zap06:48
tilmanwhy do you need to zap anyway?06:53
aoni tend to accidentally botch my wm06:54
tilmanso that you cannot even switch to a VT anymore?06:55
aonwell vtswitch needs to be bound too06:55
aonand it currently isn't06:55
aondamn X :)06:55
tilmani just realized that i can use my beloved smooth font as an xft font06:58
tilmanso i can kill off core font support in my x server builds06:58
tilman(read: in crux builds)06:58
tilmanaon: xft fonts can be drawn by the gpu. core fonts cannot -> fail06:58
aonalthough well, apparently terminus works as xft too07:03
aonand emacs23 supports it too07:04
aontoo bad it's not stable yet :|07:04
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tilmanwe can actually kill xorg-font-misc-misc, xorg-font-cursor-misc and xorg-font-alias now07:45
tilmanbecause the current libxfont ships with builtin cursor and fixed fonts07:45
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tilman gcc $CFLAGS hash.c09:13
tilmancc1: error: invalid option argument '-O2 -march=prescott -pipe -Wall -Wwrite-strings -Wnonnull'09:13
tilmanmmh, maybe it's a zsh thing09:13
aonworks with bash09:17
teKescape the =11:51
teKforget it. :)11:52
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