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teK# Support for different shells (GLIBC only supports bash).10:59
tilmannot sure what that point is about11:00
tilmanhow does glibc require bash?11:00
teKdunno (tried to allude on crux and bash :x)11:00
teK*to, not on.11:02
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tilmanhi jue11:54
juetilman: hi, please keep an eye on TODO26, whenever I find something related I write it done there11:58
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juetilman: wrt ruby, I'd postpone the update to 1.9 until 2.6, mainly because we have to rebuild every port (/usr/lib/ruby/1.9 instead of 1.8)12:18
juefound some minor compatibility issues with ck4up and yapo12:18
tilmanjue: it probably makes sense to have both 1.8 and 1.9 in opt12:19
tilmansince lots of stuff won't work with 1.912:19
mike_k_tilman: any idea why my touchpad driven by synaptics has stopped to react on tap/double-tap? =)12:24
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tilman# Tap = LMB click12:25
tilmanOption "TapButton1" "1"12:25
tilmanthat's the only option i use12:26
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mike_kNo such option in my xorg.conf now, but it used to work without. I mean, not using the crappy buttons under the touch panel sensor but slightly pressing the sensor itself once and twice produced LMB click and LMB doube-click.12:33
tilmanxorg-xf86-input-synaptics 1.1.0-112:34
tilmanfwiw ;)12:34
mike_kit has stopped to work some time before, I guess.12:36
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mike_kuh, that is TapButton[1-3] defaults to zero somehow now. they should have reasonable values in config.13:14
teKyay, eglibc does not build on CRUX for me13:17
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jmvrDoes anyone know the status of the x86-64 ports?21:14
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