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rehabdollanything particular on your mind?01:15
rehabdollcore-x86_64 are outdated, opt-x86_64 are up to date01:15
rehabdolloh, he left01:15
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jmvrrehabdol: glibc to start11:26
tilmanglibc 2.9-211:29
jmvrx86-64 glibc is 2.711:31
tilmanyou might be looking at the wrong git repo11:32
tilmanjmvr: sec11:32
tilmandamn arora paste fail11:33
jmvrahh ... no, looking at the ...11:33
tilmanjmvr: has a likn to c64.rsync11:33
jmvrit seems he has dropped glibc11:36
tilmanseems he downgraded it to 2.811:43
jmvrlooks like its missing from the repo11:45
jmvralso the headers file11:46
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jmvranyway, is the recommended for best x86-64 ports?12:15
prologiceglibc anyone ?12:16
prologicDebian's planning to move to it12:16
prologiclooks good12:17
prologicI wouldn't mind testing it myself12:17
rehabdolltilman: thats not my secret repo-lair!12:20
aonpeople still use v4mapped addresses?12:26
aon(reading bug entries from that blog post about debian switching)12:26
prologicv4mapped entires ?12:26
prologicwhat are they ?12:26
prologicI'm a big believer of less ir more12:27
prologicso eglibc seems pretty nice tbh12:27
prologicyou mean ipv4 mapped addresse ?12:28
prologicd'oh too late in the morning :)12:28
prologicI still use ipv4 here12:28
sepenstill? xD12:29
prologicno point in using v6 since half the bloody world hasn't adopted v6 yet12:29
aoni use ipv4 too12:29
* tilman uses ipx12:29
prologichmmm indeed12:30
aoni wonder why my machine gets _two_ ipv6 addresses :)12:30
aonoh right, i think i know why12:30
tilmanaon: because it's twice as awesome as other machines!12:30
* aon configures radvd12:30
prologicI don't even have ipv6 enabled12:31
prologicanways ...12:31
prologicso what do you guys think of eglibc ?12:31
prologicworth giving it a short for crux ?12:31
aoni could pretty much have a v6only intranet if i had faithd or something running12:31
prologicoh that's right I got virtualbox compiled the other night12:31
prologicblah ;)12:31
prologicthen broke Xorg12:31
aonactually it'd be cool to remove ipv4 from the kernels :D12:32
* prologic tries virtualbox12:32
prologicgotta refactor the rc scripts for dash12:32
prologicseems a lot easier than trying to design futures implementation for circuits :)12:32
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prologichrmm virtualbox is cool12:37
prologickinda like vmware12:37
aonno rtsol on linux :|12:58
prologicrtsol ?12:58
aonrtsold (8) - router solicitation daemon12:59
prologicipv6 stuff right ?12:59
aonto get a new router advertisement13:00
aonto check whether i still get addresses from several nets13:00
prologicipv6 has builtin advertisement anyway doesn' it ?13:03
jaegeraon: is radvd not the right thing anymore?13:04
aonit is13:05
aonbut rtsol is for telling rtadvd to send an advertisement now13:05
aoninstead of whenever it feels like it :)13:05
jaegerah, ok13:07
aonfor some reason my windows xp box also has like ten ipv6 addresses :p13:08
jaegerprologic: eglibc looks nice to me for embedded but is there a big benefit to using it for crux in general?13:10
prologicsmaller footprint :)13:16
prologichey Debian are switching13:16
prologicdon't see any reason why we can't benefit as well13:16
prologicat least I'll try it out on a real install with stuff installed13:16
aonsome of that stuff seems pretty useful13:17
aonnot that i'm for or against switching13:17
jaegerI've got no objections if it doesn't break anything, just wondered13:19
prologicI'm all for smaller, faster stuff :)13:19
prologicI also want to try alternative INIT's for crux13:20
prologicwe still use the old boring imperative one13:20
tilmanslim forks + exec's a new x server when you log in, right?13:23
prologicI believe so13:25
tilmanwonder if it couldn't just disconnect the display client and instead spawn the wm13:27
prologicit probably could tbh13:30
prologicI don't see why not13:30
aonrlpr works to windows lpd :)13:39
aonwhy wouldn't it, tho13:39
teKhas anyone managed to build eglibc on CRUX already?13:50
teKwith some minor tweaks I made it to the linking stage where it fails badly13:51
prologicyou're further than me then :)13:53
prologicI haven't tried yet13:53
teKfirst it fails because of a configure / grep failure :)13:56
prologicahh that's easy :)13:57
teKif test   becomes: if ! test13:57
prologicit's amazing how non-standard other distros really are13:58
prologicI will never ever forget the famous words of one of my suppliers of some commercial radius software I use:13:58
prologic"Fedora Core is the most complete linux"13:58
prologicor something to that affect13:58
teKLinux 10 SP113:59
prologicalso: "only FC is supported"13:59
sepenI'm a fc user at office13:59
teKour ERP vendor supports SuSE and RedHat only13:59
prologicI almost felt like buying a ticket to the US and finding his office13:59
sepenalso centos13:59
prologicand kicking him in the face13:59
teKprologic: *g*13:59
sepenprologic, now I'm using crux inside a safe-env ;D13:59
teKit's the microsoft attitude13:59
prologicyeah well14:00
prologicit sucks it really does14:00
prologicwhat annoys me the most was how little he cared14:00
prologicand how little he actually knew about his own app14:00
prologicI knew more than he did14:00
prologicand I just deploy it14:00
teKthat's business as usual..14:00
prologictell me about it14:00
teK(people not caring about others)14:00
prologicf**k'n w***ker14:00
prologicfew too many *'s :)14:01
sepenand lot of releases, it sucks, fc1, fc2, fc3, ... never have the right rpm repository (of fucking precompiled packages)14:01
teKsepen: shhht ;P14:01
teKdon't you swear14:01
prologicI hate RPC systems <period>14:01
prologicsee how much I hate them :)14:02
prologiccan't even stay it right :)14:02
teKCRUX is just too perfect14:02
prologicit is14:02
prologicvery little to it14:02
prologicminimal architecture14:02
sepenwell, now our product has centos_x64 and they don't have a purelib ;D14:02
prologicit's great14:02
teKprologic: I'm interested in alternate $INITs as well.14:02
sepen /lib /lib64 and rpm's for both archs14:02
prologicas am i :)14:02
teKwhat's a purelib?14:02
prologicI'll be toying with alternative INIT's asap14:03
sepenonly 64 bits lib in /lib14:03
prologicand reporting rc scripts to dash14:03
teKprologic: did you read/hear of minit?14:03
prologicI believe so yes14:03
prologicand there are a few others I'll look into14:03
teKprologic: Han (*geeez*) already did this,  iirc.14:03
prologicweigh them up and see what'll fit us best14:03
prologicor better14:03
prologiclet's not speak of that infamous person :)14:03
sepenbusybox's init would be good to ;D14:03
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Rotwang1why is he infamous?14:03
Rotwang1nevermind ;]14:04
aoni still can't fathom how anybody can use fedora in some sort of a production environment14:04
sepenhe has left crux in favor to openbsd14:04
teKwhat I did was to 'echo' each step taken in /etc/rc and have a look. /etc/rc takes considerably more time to complete than the services=() stuff14:04
aonisn't it unstable as hell by intention?14:04
tilmanit's a test bed for rhel or something ;)14:05
teKFedora > OpenSuSE14:05
teK(never tried 'em :P)14:05
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aoni used fc1 :)14:05
prologicyes it is a test bed14:05
prologichence it's a pile of shit14:06
prologicthey can afford to not care too much about it14:06
prologicthey let idiots (sorry for anyone that uses FC or is forced to) be their test dummiees :)14:06
teKafter reading some of Ulrich Drepper's comments linkd  to in aurelian's blog, I think idiots are on their other side, too.14:07
prologicquite likely :)14:07
prologiccrux at least forces you to learn a few things14:08
aoni'd like to see strl{cat,cpy} in glibc too14:08
prologicwhich is kinda a plus14:08
prologicas opposed to str{cat,cpy} ?14:08
teKaon: don't waste other people's time!!!1114:08
aonprologic: well, in addition to str{,n}{cat,cpy}14:09
aonthey can't really be removed, can they14:09
aon :)14:12
teKhe thinks he's god, doesn't he?14:14
prologicwho ?14:14
teKU Drepper14:15
prologicyeah just read14:15
prologicwhat a dick :)14:15
prologicya don't make too many friends replying to an email liks that14:15
prologicespecially on a list ;)14:15
teKsome gems are buried in , too14:15
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rehabdoll"I still think we should organize a mud wrestling match between Ulrich and Theo."14:49
rehabdoll"Ulrich, TuomoV and Joerg Schilling."14:49
rehabdollbtw tek regarding init. get a ssd and you'll never wait for services to start again! \o/14:51
teKgive me some 500 bucks :>14:53
teKrehabdoll: :D14:53
teKTheo rocks in my opinion14:53
rehabdollnahm i paid ~150 for mine14:53
rehabdollbudget crap14:53
aontuomov has a point tho in the issue that apparently is the only one that actually matters :)14:53
teKrehabdoll: which brand?14:53
rehabdollbut quick enough14:53
aonie. distros shouldn't distribute snapshots from ten years ago and have users complaining to upstream14:54
rehabdollocz solid14:54
rehabdollvertex are faster and not that much more expensive14:54
rehabdollbut ocz vertex was out off stock when i bought mine :)14:54
teKi will wait.14:58
sepenO_o: $ grep '2.6.' /usr/ports/core/glibc/Pkgfile15:36
sepen    cp -r kernel-headers-2.6.26/include $PKG/usr15:36
sepen                                --enable-kernel=2.6.16 \15:36
sepenthat's right? 2.6.16 != 2.6.2615:37
sepenor it means enable for kernels greater than 2.6.16?15:37
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