IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-05-08

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sepentilman, I'm planning to go to these festivals: (barcelona 11 julio) and (to see carcass) ;D03:51
sepenlorcarock -> carcass, obituary, dark funeral, pestilenve, and sepultura ...03:52
sepenI'll go the saturday 25 ->
* prologic nows has a crux vm working in vbox :)05:56
prologicfully bridged ;)05:56
prologicvbox is really nice06:00
sepenprologic, I've a vbox under crux runnning another crux box which runs another crux and also runs another crux .....06:25
sepenhow many recursive boxes could I have?06:25
prologicwe seem to have a problem with the opt repo07:01
prologica lot of files have vanished ?07:01
prologicwhat the ? :)07:01
tilmansepen: nice07:21
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tilmanhi jue07:22
aonjue: been printing to a windows xp box with rlpr, works quite well :)09:18
aoni think i've been having more and more audio problems lately09:32
aoni suspect someone's trying to secretly drive me into using pulseaudio or something09:32
sepenwell, I recently buy an HP deskject D2560, so I think I could do some tests in this area the next days09:59
sepenI think hplip is a great solution for this kind of printers, right'? really, I have no idea about09:59
aonmight be10:05
tilmandeskjet sounds a horrible lot like a ink thingy10:07
sepentilman, 39euros10:11
sepenwhen dies I'll buy a new printer ;D10:12
aonthat's not that much less than what a monochrome laser which talks pcl costs10:12
* tilman bought a used hp laserjet for 50 euros 2 years ago10:13
tilmanmonochrome, but ps ;)10:13
aoni was pondering about a used laserjet but ended up buying a new brother10:14
aonworks fine10:14
tilmani need to buy a new toner now though10:15
sepenthat was for what I buy a deskject10:16
aonthe lexmark i have here is having issues with it's toner too10:16
aonthere's still some left but apparently it's suffered a bit from not being used a lot10:16
sepenI had a laserject sometime ago (thanks to pitillo) ;D10:17
aonshould have a dot matrix :)10:17
aonthose don't die from being unused10:17
sepenyep, but to expensive to replace the toner10:17
sepenand without colors10:17
sepennah, I'll probe this kind of printers this time, and I'll compare both options at large10:18
sepentilman, hehe I burned a cd-mp3 with carcass(swangsong and heartwork), fearfactory and slipknot for the car, I part to the country in the car (alone) ;D10:20
sepenbbl guys!!10:20
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tilman<3 sepen :D10:21
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jueaon: cool, would be nice to have a rlpr-port in opt11:21
aonyes, yes it would11:32
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