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tilmanrehabdoll: i can nuke xorg-x86)64 right?05:33
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tilmanmaking the xorg metaport depend on input-mouse and -input-keyboard is kind of sucky06:37
* tilman happily uses evdev for both mouse and kbd on the desktop06:37
tilmansuggestions? makt it depend on all 3 drivers? :p06:37
treachI'd do that.06:41
treachsince the x auto detection thingy doesn't set up evdev by itself06:41
tilmanmaybe x would choose evdev over -input if you don't have an xorg.conf06:42
treachnot that I've noticed06:42
tilmanmaybe it will do so one day06:42
treachhopefully, but not yet. :)06:42
tilmani'll try to ship 2.6 without any core font packages06:43
tilmanyou can happily remove -font-cursor-misc, -font-misc-misc and -font-alias even now :)06:44
treachwhee! :p06:44
tilmanlibxfont has a fixed font and the cursor stuff built in these days06:44
treachheh how I will miss all those error reports :D06:44
tilmanre. ports dirs on the server07:11
tilmandoes crux-2.5/{core,opt} make more sense than core/2.5, opt/2.5?07:12
tilmanor are they equally equal?07:12
tilmani used name/version for the updated scripts, but i'm not sure why :p07:13
treachI think you need a committee to find out that. ;)07:14
treachbut $repo/$version makes perfect sense to me07:14
rehabdolltilman: yes07:32
tilmanseriously, does 'copy link location' work for anyone in arora except rotwang?07:46
aoni think crux-$version/$repo is more sane07:47
aonbut then again07:47
tilmanatm, crux-2.6/xorg is a  symlink to xorg/2.607:48
tilmani think i'll just keep it that way07:48
aon$ stat -c %x $(which ports)07:48
aon2009-01-11 21:58:35.000000000 +020007:48
aonyeah, that's probably good07:48
tilmanwith the 2.6 repos i'll use the new export-to-httpup-and-rsync script07:49
tilmanwhich only runs when people push changes07:49
tilmaninstead of re-exporting the world every 5 minutes07:49
tilman+ autopoint -f07:58
tilmanautopoint: *** cvs program not found07:58
aonbanana[~]$ grep -i cvs /usr/bin/autopoint |wc -l07:59
tilmantilman@centaur [~] > grep -c cvs /usr/bin/autopoint08:01
tilmangettext 0.17-308:01
aonoh, -c is a posix flag08:01
* aon feels dumb08:02
aonuseless use of the WC08:02
aonseems like one of those presentations that you really need to see to make any sense of it08:15
tilmanjaeger: are you still taking care of contrib/squashfs-tools? it needs an update to v 4.009:19
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aon--rwxr-xr-x     root/root       usr/lib/
aonwell, there are quite a few references to :)14:08
tilmanthat's why i only made the libxcb update in xorg/2.614:09
aonyes, i saw it coming14:09
aonon a side note, upgrading gcc didn't seem to break anything :O14:10
tilmani'm building an iso atm14:11
tilmandamn gcc bootstrap takes an eternity14:12
tilmanwhy are we shipping a vanilla gettext?14:16
tilmanwe could create a stub gettext package instead14:16
tilmanit's not going to be used for real anyway in crux!14:17
aonexcept well, if you wish to use it eg. with php14:18
aonbut i guess you can just install the real thing in that case14:18
aontilman: FYI:
tilmani'm currently building glibc in the bootstrap14:52
tilmanso not at opt/x yet ;)14:52
tilmani didn't build a new kernel headers tarball14:54
tilmani'd really like to fix slim to not start and shut down the x server all the time14:55
tilman-> flicker-freee login process :D14:56
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aon=======> Build result:15:46
aontar: /usr/ports/packages/xulrunner# Cannot open: Permission denied15:46
aoni wonder if pkgmk could check the write permissions on the package before even starting the build15:48
Rotwangyes it could! ;]15:48
tilmanpatch or it isn't true15:49
aonagainst which pkgutils? :)15:49
tilmanmaster please15:51
aonah crap15:59
aonscratch that15:59
aonokay now, same url16:01
tilmancan you git-send-email that to crux-devel please?16:11
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aonof course16:11
tilman"git send-email HEAD" will work i think16:11
aonand git send-email --to foo@bar.baz 001-blahblah16:11
aoni've been doing a bit of that16:11
tilmanoh, you're right16:11
tilmanit doesn't take a revision16:12
tilmanthat irritated me the last time i used it16:12
aonmsmtp: cannot connect to, port 25: No route to host16:12
aonFFFUUU @ several locations16:12
teKIf I'd ever deface a website, I'd use for it :>16:14
teKyou und the author just wasted my time16:16
aoni wonder if there's an ascii rendition of that face16:17
aongiven the current trends, probably no16:17
aonthe mailing list archive for crux-devel for this month is 666 bytes16:47

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