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teKtilman, wrt your email: NOW is the time to talk about crypsetup and lvm-integration, isn't?07:33
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jaegerteK: I was out of town most of the weekend, what's up?07:42
teKare you ok with me taking and updating your tftp-hpa port intro contrib/?07:44
sepenteK, maybe it would be nice to have a new casual meeting07:56
jaegerteK: sure, that's fine with me07:57
jaegerI still even occasionally use it :)07:57
teKthough it seems to have a bug if your kernel doesn't support ipv6 and you start it in listen-mode07:58
teKI will incorporate it tonight. thx alot07:58
teKsepen: meetings are great :)07:58
sepenmaybe tomorrow?07:59
sepenthe last meeting was in november08:00
jaegerteK: no problem :)08:01
jaegertilman: stripping the fonts out sounds good to me08:05
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teKhello jue08:25
sepenhi jue08:26
juetilman: I've updated 2.6/glibc to 2.10.1, but got these footprint problem ->
juedunno why headers_install installs it now08:53
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sepenanyone hear about 'freedialog' ?09:36
aonare you talking about the freebsd thing?09:40
aongpl->bsd doesn't make much sense for a linux distro :)09:53
aonyeah, gnu->* definitely makes sense09:54
sepennah, seems that dialog sounds a bit unmaintained09:54
sepenat least imho09:54
aon- Reset maintainership (mail bounce)09:54
sepenI'm looking for alternatives, this is another one
aonwhat's wrong with the current one?09:54
sepennothing, just I'm looking for curiousity09:55
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tilmanjue: i guess you also rolled a new kernel-headers tarball then? that would explain the footprint mismatch10:21
juetilman: yeah, sure10:21
tilmanlet's see how other distros cope with that10:22
tilmani'm not sure whether we should drop those headers from libdrm :(10:22
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tilmanjue: i put a few notes in TODO26, btw10:27
jueyeah, have seen it10:29
jueno objections at all but I'd like to see that the ports stay in opt10:30
tilmanas opposed to contrib, you mean?10:32
tilmanstrace is essential anyway :)10:32
tilmanexpat is needed for xorg, so it has to stay in opt10:32
tilmanimho tcsh doesn't need to be in opt, but if you want it that way that's fine10:33
juethat's right, doubt that someone is using tcsh10:35
aonsomeone who needs it can always add it to whatever repo they have rights to commit to10:36
tilmanwould be cool if we had popcon10:37
tilmanor maybe it would be useless in this case10:37
tilmansince most people install all of core :D10:37
aonat least the prototype i once had10:37
aoni think it would make sense to check atimes of binaries to check what's actually used in addition to what's installed10:38
aonif that ever gets done :)10:38
aonbinaries/libs etc10:38
tilmanjue: btw, for the 2.6 branches i'm also using my "new" git-to-httpup export script10:39
tilmanthat's why 2.6 isn't mentioned in ~crux/bin/git-to-httpup10:39
aonoh, speaking of git, there has apparently been some change10:39
aonso that when you just do 'git push' it says something about the branch not being specified and tries to push everything10:39
tilmantilman@centaur [~] > tail -2 .gitconfig10:40
tilman[push] default = matching10:40
tilmantilman@centaur [~] >10:40
juetilman: whats "new" with it?10:40
aoni almost shat my pants when i saw that, thougth that it'd result in another spamloop10:40
tilmanjue: the export runs when someone pushed to the repository, instead of running every 5 minutes10:40
aontilman: what's "matching" exactly?10:40
tilmanaon: it's the old behaviour10:40
tilmanaon: it pushes all your local branches that have corresponding remote branches10:41
aonyeah, i see10:41
tilmani'm not sure whether kernel-headers should include drm/*.h10:42
tilmana) drm has been in the kernel for _ages_. why are they only exporting the headers now?10:42
tilmanb) it means we might have to update glibc if a new hypothetical mesa release needs current headers10:43
juebasically the same as with the headers in include/{sound,video}10:49
tilmanmmh, true10:50
juetilman: btw, have you heard anything from cptn lately10:52
tilman fedora had the same problem last year :D10:56
* tilman checks out ehtie rcvs10:57
tilman"their cvs"10:57
aoni read "ehtie" as entire and thought that "r" meant redhat10:57
aonshould of noticed :|10:57
tilmantheir package list is a bit larger than our ports :)10:58
tilmanjue: do you mind if i remove core fonts from the iso? (see my thread on the devel ml)10:59
jueno, as long as everything works ;)11:01
tilmanjue: i removed those packages, removed /etc/X11/xorg.conf, restarted X and i could still run firefox11:01
tilman(using bitstream vera)11:02
tilmanterms use a builtin variant of the 'fixed' font11:02
juelooks like gcc 4.4.0 + glibc 2.10.1 are playing nice togther11:25
juegot one minro error with make check because of a dup function definition in libiberty/testsuite though11:26
tilmani'll remove those drm headers from libdrm11:30
juesame error (=same test) with binutils11:31
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tilmansepen: hola. your cruxbot thing works well :D11:45
tilmanyour watchdog/crontab setup11:45
sepenah, you mean the crontab line11:45
tilmani edited irctest.rb a bit over the weekend11:46
sepenat least does the trick11:46
tilmanjaeger: btw, what about contrib/squashfs-tools? are you still maintaining that?11:49
tilmanjue: sooooo we're moving lvm to core, yes?11:50
jueif we want lvm support on the iso, it should be at least an opt port11:57
juebut core is ok IMO11:58
tilmancore seems more appropriate for it11:58
jueyeah, mdadm seem to be another candidate for core nowadays11:59
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jaegertilman: I am, does it need an update?13:08
tilmanah, cool13:08
tilmanjaeger: i saw 4.0 was out13:08
tilmanwhen i attempted to build an iso last week :D13:09
jaegerah, nice. 3.4 is still listed on the front page but I see 4.0 in the downloads13:09
jaegerI'll check it out13:09
jaegerI've got a good ISO build environment at the moment13:09
tilmansomewhat related:
tilmanuntested, but it might save someone the 'make oldconfig' work13:12
jaegerwill take a look13:14
jaegerI should probably build another ISO with ports updated again, lots of new stuff recently13:17
juejaeger: is our iso.git up-to-date currently?14:03
jueI mean the scripts, Makefile etc.14:06
jaegerMostly, I think. Busybox is out of date but I think the scripts and Makefile are still ok14:07
jaegerI can make a patch if you like once I make sure my build environment is solid14:07
jueyeah, please do so14:08
jueor better, just commit you changes ;)14:09
jaegerbuilding the latest core/opt/xorg updates at the momoent, when that's done I'll go back over the rest and make a new ISO to verify14:09
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