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sepentilman, ping02:14
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sepenhey jue03:00
sepenhmmm, thats from my working copy-> (but I can push changes), and that from, so I found some big differences between dir trees ->, is that right?!03:00
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juesepen: yeah, that's because of the new git version03:02
sepenso nothing wrong on my side? or the side?03:03
jueyou can 'fix' that03:03
jueput something like03:04
juedefault = current03:04
jueinto .git/config03:04
jueor into your global git config-file03:04
jueor use git config03:05
sepenah ok, I'm going to, but did you see the second paste? seems opt is missing in the dir tree03:05
jue'matching' was the old behaviour03:05
sepenunderstand it, thanks for the clarifications03:05
juewell, dunno, but tilman has changed something in that area03:07
juemight be that opt is still exported the 'old' way03:08
mike_kcan someone please remove from ? I was so bored sitting there alone =(03:14
sepenmike_k, sure03:18
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mike_ksepen: thanks03:26
nipuLhello from my new eee pc :)03:28
mike_kcrux powered eepc, I hope?03:30
juenipuL: anything special needed?03:50
nipuLnot really03:50
nipuLjust had to set noide wheen booting from the cd03:51
nipuLnot required but recommended was to use ext2 and mount /tmp /var/log and /var/tmp as tmpfs03:52
nipuLdisable swap, and compile everything in /dev/shm03:53
nipuLto reduce the write cycles on the ssd03:53
juenipuL: sounds good, thanks for the explanation04:16
nipuLugh lame, why do you need agp enabled for an intel 945g04:28
nipuLit's pcie ffs04:29
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teK@seen viper07:26
clbteK: I have not seen viper.07:26
teKjfyi: eglibc builds on gentoo (on crux it still won't) :\07:42
aoncrux is dying :(07:43
prologicit's aliave here :)07:46
prologicwe use it in the field here07:46
aoni use it in the base07:49
jueis there any sensible reason to split-out the devicemapper part from a lvm port?07:52
jueI'm a lvm dummy, so this might be a strange question ;-)07:56
aoni don't think so08:05
jueaon: you're using lvm?08:07
aonnot at the moment08:09
aonbut afaik every time i have i've needed dm08:10
teKjue: maybe can be helpful, too08:30
teKit'd be great if I had not completly wasted my time back then08:30
jaegerjue: my bootstrap failed on stage 2 last night. :( weird gcc problem08:30
teKtilman: will you be available tonight (wrt dmcrypt/luks/lvm?)08:32
jaegerComparing stages 2 and 308:33
jaegerwarning: ./cc1-checksum.o differs08:33
jaegerwarning: ./cc1plus-checksum.o differs08:33
jaegerwarning: ./cc1obj-checksum.o differs08:33
jaegerBootstrap comparison failure!08:33
jaegerwish it would give me something more useful than that08:33
jueoops, looks strange, never seen such a warning08:34
jueteK: thanks, I've read that08:35
jaegervery odd that stage 0 and 1 both go well08:35
jueteK: TBH, I see the lvm support for 2.6, but not the crypt stuff08:36
teKsee as in "don't" want or where's the problem?08:37
juejaeger: was that with 4.3.3?08:37
jaegerjue: yes08:39
jueteK: too special08:42
jueteK: but if Tilman and/or cptn wants that and are willing to maintain that part (testing iso's etc) I'd vote with a 008:46
teKI will talk to tilman tonight. Imho the costs are nearly zero (i.e. it doesn't hurt). And I am willing to help as far as I am allowed to08:47
jaegerok, time to build another ISO build environment, no idea what's wrong on my normal one08:49
jaegerfortunately have an extra machine handy08:50
jaegernoticed I couldn't log in as root after a sysup until I changed ttyX to /dev/ttyX in /etc/securetty08:53
tilmansepen: pong10:00
sepentilman, nah' I talked with jue, it was about the new git behaviour10:02
tilmanokay, you figured it out?10:02
sepentilman, please, in other words? ;D10:03
tilmandid you solve the problem?10:04
sepenwell I'm preparing a new push with 2 commits, but not for the opt collection10:04
tilmanerr, ok10:06
sepentilman, all it's ok with contrib10:07
tilmanbut with opt there's some problem?10:08
sepen<sepen> hmmm, thats from my working copy-> (but I can push changes), and that from, so I found some big differences between dir trees -> ...10:08
sepenjust I saw some differences in, no idea if it was related10:09
tilmanthat's expected10:09
tilmanthe new export script only runs for the 2.6 branches10:09
sepenah ok10:10
tilmani'l look into the first error10:10
sepenlike you said in the past in a ML, right?10:10
sepenbut I can't see the opt in 2.610:11
tilmani'll look into it10:11
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tilmansepen: can you help me with a sh scripting question?13:00
teKI'm sure NOW anybody else won't *G*13:00
tilmanteK: have a look at ~crux/scm/ports/xorg.git/hooks/post-update13:00
tilmani need to extract that code to a separate script13:01
tilmanand call that from post-update (with a few arguments)13:01
tilmanand i'm not sure how to do that13:01
tilmanwrite a function() in and source
tilmanor just exec sh arg1 arg2?13:01
teKi only have access to contrib via git?13:03
tilmansucks to be you ;)13:04
teKit rocks to be me13:08
juetilman: I'd go with the second13:09
teKtilman: what's your opinion about cryptsetup-support for the installation cd? jue seems to be neutral to sceptical regarding this13:11
tilmandepends on how intrusive (=large) the patches are :D13:14
teKis there a current version of the iso? gitweb's seems to be very not-uptodate13:20
teKI AM A WIMP13:23
jueteK: look at the 2.6 branch of iso.git13:24
jueand why is it not up-to-date?13:24
teKonly one commit from 2.5 to HEAD13:27
teKso I thought..13:27
juewell, most things for 2.6 are not done yet13:28
tilmancan i tell tar not to bitch about time stamps from the future?14:04
sepentilman, pong14:06
tilmansepen: unping14:06
sepenstill scripting, or fixed?14:06
tilmanthe script seems to work now14:07
jueFYI, 2.6 is now the default head for iso.git14:11
juetilman: please have a look at my last edit to TODO26, hope that's right14:20
teKtilman: I think it'd be not more than already stated in the wiki14:21
jueteK: for me it's not obvious what we must actually change after reading the wiki page14:25
juea set of patches would say more...14:25
tilmanjue: i'll update setup-helper wrt the xorg changes14:33
jueI've added it as a reminder, not to force you to do something ;-)14:36
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