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juetilman: we have util-linux-ng 2.5 since 7 days in CRUX 2.5, didn't run into problems so far. WRT udev, I think it's the other way around, seems that newer udev versions will depend on libblkid from util-linux-ng instead of the one from e2fsprogs. I've added two related links to TODO26.02:39
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sepentilman, should be irctest.rb fixed against flood errors?08:21
sepenI think so08:21
tilmansepen: no10:20
sepenhehe, I'm in the hvlinux channel talking with predator and danny ;D10:21
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sepenhi jue, I filled the timeline a bit ;D11:41
jueyeah, just saw it, we got finally 4.6.111:42
juethanks, sepen11:43
sepenah np11:43
sepensorry all for the delay ;D11:44
sepenI was wondering if is possible to stop a prt-get sysup or depinst as gprinst does (stop if installation of one package fails), any idea?11:52
sepennice report11:56
juethx sepen, my english is still horrible, but I do my best11:59
sepenis still horrible, mine is terrible ;D12:00
tilmanhah, that was fast12:08
juetilman: you've read what I wrote to you this morning12:10
tilmanyes, thanks :)12:11
tilmanjue: thrice sent me an updated udev port12:11
tilmani'll import that once we have the new hal in opt12:11
jueok, I'd say we go with the util-linux-ng/e2fsprogs changes, with 2.15.1 of course12:12
jueseems that udev sooner or later depend on that12:13
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nipuLis it just me or should flash be it's own port that browser specific ports should link to?21:05
nipuLie, so one can install flash for arora21:06 is down?22:52
nipuLok, i'll update hal when crux comes back online23:29

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