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nipuLtilman did you ever get that battery event thing sorted out?01:51
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sepentilman, ping03:15
sepenudev should keep the libvolume_id stuff (removed in the last changeset:;a=commitdiff;h=80fc3de0fcd7799bbee7f7e2a979d44d0200a774), if not hal fails to compile03:16
sepenO_o,. what about the portdb?03:19
sepencan't see private collections (out of
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sepenhi jue, could you read the backlog?03:29
juesepen: yes, reading now03:29
sepenthanks, seems that we have some problems03:30
juesepen: updating hal should help ;)03:30
sepenhmm might be03:32
sepenwell, I'll wait for the commit, thanks jue03:39
juesepen: np, not sure if it works nice with our current e2fsprogs blkid03:40
sepenhmm, so what to do? can I help on something? tests?03:41
jueI think we have to wait until nipuL has updated hal03:43
juebut you can try a simple version of hal to 0.5.1203:43
sepenok, but I'll try to update my own local copy03:43
juehmm, that's what I feared03:57
sepennow trying with udev 14303:57
juesepen: don't think that it will work, hal needs the blkid stuff from util-linux-ng04:18
sepenyep, and udev143 don't exists, it was a joke04:18
jueand that is, as we know, currently broken04:18
juesepen: if you like I can give you for testing packages for e2fsprogs and util-linux-ng04:19
sepensure, I'll test on my safe-env04:20
juethe .12 is the 12th commit after tag 2.1504:20
sepenjue, 403 forbidden04:21
sepenjue, 1 sec04:23
sepenwith curl -O I don't have errors04:23
jueah, might be that the # is confusion firefox/arora or whatever04:24
sepenwell I installed e2fs and util-linux in that order, and now seems that hal is builting04:29
juehmm, not good04:31
jueIMO it's not really a option to do the e2fsprogs/util-linux-ng change with 2.504:32
jueso we might have to downgrade udev probably04:33
jueoh, f*04:33
mike_kdamn, imagemagick fails to update every week. the old source is being removed from their ftp.04:35
jueyeah, they keep only the last patch version e.g. 6.5.1-1004:43
sepenthe only error I have from the hal's build:04:43
sepen+ mv /home/sepen/devel/crux.opt/hal/work/pkg/usr/etc/udev /home/sepen/devel/crux.opt/hal/work/pkg/etc/04:43
sepenmv: cannot stat `/home/sepen/devel/crux.opt/hal/work/pkg/usr/etc/udev': No such file or directory04:43
* sepen rebuilding now04:44
sepenjue, I've installed hal, any test to do it?04:54
juesepen: sorry, no plan, I never used it ;-)04:55
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nipuLi can't update hal unless blkid (e2fsprogs) is updated to 1.4306:02
juenipuL: please read the log above and the related entry in our TODO26 wiki page06:04
jueI'm going to update both ports for 2.6 next minutes (with a git version of util-linux-ng)06:06
juefor 2.5 I'd downgrade udev and keep hal as it is06:07
juebut for that decision we have to wait for Tilman06:08
sepenhal still doesn't run on my tests06:09
juesepen: any idea why?06:23
sepenno but I need a dedicated box, so I think a chrooted env is not enough06:27
jueyeah, probably06:30
juebut I'm pretty sure that you will break nothing if you install the new e2fsprogs and util-linux-ng on your normal box, at least it works for me06:34
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tilmannipuL: no :)07:17
tilmanjue: so i should downgrade udev in 2.5?07:18
jueyeah, I think so07:18
jueat all it's a bit mess with udev/hal/util-linux-ng ;-)07:19
juethanks god that we are about to have a new CRUX version07:20
tilmanso it seems we should try to not delay 2.6 _that_ much :D07:20
jueyeah, would say so07:20
juethat's the reason why I've committed e2fsprogs/util-linux-ng updates today07:21
jueso testing is easier for everyone07:21
nipuLok, i'll test on the 2.6 branch later07:25
tilmanerr, hang on07:26
tilmani don't need to downgrade udev i think07:27
tilmani just need to keep the udev_info symlink so current hal keeps working07:27
nipuLno, older udev is also needed for libvolume_id07:37
tilmanso i _really_ need to downgrade to 141?07:40
juewell, seems so if we want a working hal07:42
nipuLheh, want07:42
nipuLlife was so much easier before hal and dbus hit the scene07:43
nipuLrehabdoll: any luck with glibc and gcc 4.4?07:45
sepenjue, nice, I'll take a look into 2.6 later at home08:20
sepenI've a box to sacrify if necesary ;D08:21
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rehabdollnipul, sure12:17
rehabdollalthough i've not rebuilt everything12:17
rehabdolli have some wierd artifacts with firefox, even after upgrading nspr12:17
rehabdollalthough it might be related to xf86-video-ati built from git sources12:18
rehabdollbut probably not12:18
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jaegeryay, finally got an ISO built again... had to change a lot for
jaegerof course it's not tested yet, probably will fail in spectacular ways16:16
tilmani need a spare computer16:16
tilmanthat i can test untested potential spectacularly failing things on :)16:17
jaegervirtualbox serves in that capacity for me, quite often16:17
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nipuLrehabdoll did you have to do anything in particular?18:44
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sepennipuL, pygtk 2.15.0 available18:48
nipuLi know, but wouldn't that be a development version?18:50
sepenno idea, just using ck4up18:51
sepenwell, seems released18:51
nipuLlol, re read the first lie of the email ;)18:52
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sepenthey have an official announce at their web page ;D18:54
sepenwhy they don't use release candidates? :P18:54
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jaegerso yeah, the ISO doesn't work... no shock there22:38
jaegerI'll try to sort it out tomorrow22:38
jaegerthe kernel modules worked, switching roots didn't22:38

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