IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2009-05-16

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juetilman: more important is the next and last one ->
juetilman: seems we have to revert our drm header decision or build mesa with selected drivers02:29
tilmangood morning02:34
tilmanxgi has been broken for a long time. sorry, i forgot to remove it from packages.xorg02:35
tilmanchecking nsc02:36
tilmanjue: re. the drm headers. thrice said other distros were using the headers from libdrm as well... i'll check what those distros are02:39
jueis it ||Denmark||||[[ | FTP]], [[ | HTTP]]||(Full mirror)02:43
juewrt ticket #448: it means that, in the worst case, we cannot use kernels older than 2.6.27 with CRUX 2.6. Acceptable?02:47
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tilmanjue: i thik it makes sense to go to 2.6.27, reading bunk 's mail02:53
tilmanjue: i'll start adapting setup-helper for 2.603:27
juefine, found anything wrt drm headers?03:35
tilmandidn't look yet ;D03:36
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tilmani guess we need a new postfix maintainer17:01
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nipuLif no one else volunteers, i can take on postfix22:24

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