IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2009-05-18

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rehabdollomg, glibc 2.10.1 tarball on ftp.gnu.org02:25
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nipuL"hey ulrich, does this rag smell like chloroform?"02:28
nipuLquick release a tarball while he's unconscious!02:29
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tilmanso i'll add xz 4.9...9beta8 to core11:27
tilmani wonder whether i should allow libarchive to link to it though11:27
tilmanwould suck if it was unstable because of it ;)11:27
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juetilman: around?14:39
tilmanjue: yes, hi.14:40
jueI'd like to finish our glibc port, what shall we do with the drm headers?14:41
tilmanlet's remove the headers from the kernel headers tarball14:41
jueyeah, ok, thought so as well14:42
tilmanjue: i'll fix up opt.git14:43
tilmanthere's a merge conflict etc :D14:43
tilmanjue: should i make 2.6's libarchive link against the xz lib?14:46
tilmanor do you think we should be paranoid and build libarchive without xz support first?14:47
juethe beta status of xz is not very nice, if we do so I'd create a new tarball from git, there are some fixes since beta814:49
juebut at all I think it's pretty stable14:50
juemade any tests with bsdtar with xz support?14:52
tilmanyep. worked nicely14:55
jueso the plan is to s/tar/bsdtar/ within pkgmk?14:56
tilmani'll ask the xz guy when he thinks 5.0 will be ready :D14:56
tilmanjue: i'd prefer to do that, yes :)14:56
jueyeah, fine for me14:57
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