IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2009-05-21

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nipuLtilman: low battery event script for acpid using hal04:29
nipuLprovided your laptop's battery is supported by hal and it generates acpi events when the battery is low :)04:31
sepenor use a battery-plugin for you wm panel which uses notification-daemon, etc.04:32
tilmani don't have a wm panel04:32
nipuLor i04:32
sepenyeah, you aren't desktop users04:33
sepenohh you aren't users ;D04:33
tilmanchances are i wouldn't notice any blinking or whatnot04:33
tilmanso shutdown (or STR) is fine04:33
nipuLi watch a movie on mine when  go to sleep04:33
nipuLi'd lie it to shutdown before the battery depletes completely04:34
nipuLi aso like to know how to do things by first principles04:35
nipuLsure hal isn't technically a "first principle", but it was a cleaner solution than parsing /proc and /sys files04:36
tilmani should read up on hal being deprecated and successors etc04:37
tilmanX will likely be converted to use libudev directly instead of HAL."04:46
tilmansounds good04:46
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tilmanfsck. i'm contemplating installing crux-i686 so i can run wine again05:51
tilmannipuL: ports -l|grep -c compat? ;)05:51
nipuL> prt-get listinst | grep -c compat06:08
nipuL| grep -c compat3206:09
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