IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-05-22

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sepen[]$ wwwlog | grep usbdisk | cut -d' ' -f1 | sort | uniq | wc -l05:21
sepenhehe, seems that people uses the usbdisk script05:21
teKjust recommended it to a friend yesterday07:26
aondamn vmware07:31
aoni wanna go home and the bastard infrastructure manager won't connect07:31
prologicuse vbox instead :)07:32
prologicway better ;P07:32
teKvbox does not support live migration etc.07:33
aonthat's what i'll do07:33
aonbut this is just a teeny box07:36
aontotal cpu resources: 14GHz, total memory: 48gb, number of virtual machines: 2007:37
teKthe other 6x2,3GHz?07:39
teK-the other07:39
aonnah, just 4x3.6607:43
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sepenDo you want to fakesetup /export/josev/ ? [y|n] y09:14
sepenInstalling autoconf#2.63-1.pkg.tar.gz -> /export/josev/ FATAL: kernel too old09:14
sepenany idea? I tried to use safe-env in a fedora4 with an old kernel ;D09:14
sepenjust my coworker wants a crux system, but he can't migrate direclty, so I tried to install the safe-env09:16
sepenthat's the problem though /export/josev/ line 51: 25509 Segmentation fault      $PKGADD -r $DESTDIR $pkg09:16
sepenI'm using the 'pkgadd' provided by the 2.5 iso09:16
sepenmaybe I should uncompress the pkg's file directly on the rootfs and later try to have a db (hack'ed) file09:17
tilmanre-compile pkgutils on the fedore machine09:19
sepenhmm so I'll libarchive?09:19
tilmanthis sentence no verb09:19
sepenI was wondering if the final rootfs installed and chroot will be in problems with the same older kernel09:20
sepennah' it worked ;D09:27
sepenjust I required to do that for libarchive compilation: $ sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/ /lib/libattr.la09:33
sepenseems that it tries to grep /lib/libattr.la09:33
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sepen$ sudo ./safe-env use core10:12
sepen+ Mounting the filesystem image ...10:12
sepenFATAL: kernel too old10:12
sepen+ Unmounting the filesystem image ...10:12
sepenbuahhahahah, all packages in the iso can't be used by fedoracore410:12
sepenI can't chroot on it ;D10:13
sepenjust I'll talk with my coworker that he should get another s.o. than fedora's10:13
sepenor compile their own toolchain xDD10:14
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