IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2009-05-23

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jueaon: libdir of /usr/lib/ points to the build-dir03:17
tilmanjue: did you know about this?03:29
juetilman: no, looking at it now03:30
juetilman: interesting03:34
tilmani'll do a little benchmarking in a minute03:34
juetilman: seen my last change to CRUX26?03:47
tilmanjue: why is that a problem exactly?03:50
juewell, if we do the change within a rolling release we will break things probably03:54
jueit's not a real problem, because we can do it for 2.6 ;-)03:55
jueand, if the lib version dosn't change, it's not a problem at all03:58
tilmanoh, of course03:59
tilmani assumed we'd _only_ do it for 2.603:59
juebesides you have to rebuild e2fsprogs/util-linux-ng in the right order03:59
jueyeah, sure03:59
aonjue: okay, thanks04:12
jueaon: np04:13
juetilman: got a rsync error for 2.6 opt:04:14
juersync: change_dir "/crux-2.6/opt" (in ports) failed: No such file or directory (2)04:14
tilmani'll have a look04:15
tilmantry again04:16
jueworks again :)04:17
tilmani hadn't created the symlink for opt, but only for core/xorg ;o04:18
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aonholy crap the bluez ports in contrib are old07:45
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nipuLtilman: why, what wrong with the port db?18:58

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