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tilmannipuL: dunno, just wondering. did you merge the xml output thing, eg?02:42
tilmannipuL: there was a guy volunteering to help with crux yesterday, and he said something about web stuff :D02:43
nipuLi don't have access to drop in the xml enabled version02:44
nipuLit's been sitting there for ages02:45
tilmand'oh, i didn't know it was finished02:45
nipuLi'm still working on an entirely new portdb implementation, but that's way off02:46
tilmannipuL: sudo away02:47
tilmannipuL: is the new one haskell? ;D02:47
nipuLlol no, python02:48
tilmani think i saw that once02:48
tilmanthe signup thing _is_ a joke, right? :D02:49
Rotwangwith laser!02:49
tilmannice nice02:49
tilmannipuL: what does validated mean?02:50
nipuLno, it's not a joke, a few people have signed up02:50
nipuLit means it passed prtverify02:50
nipuLplus what other tests i can think of02:50
tilmanthis looks really cool02:51
RotwangnipuL: will you make possibility to see Pkgfiles and footprints from rsync repos?02:51
tilmanhe already did02:51
Rotwangahh it is02:51
Rotwangportdbng is cool02:51
nipuLbut it won't be caching every repo02:52
tilmani guess history is only available for local git repos?02:52
nipuLno, it will generate a history for any repo that gets cached02:53
nipuLit diff the ports when they are upteded in the db02:53
nipuLit has it's own internal version control02:54
nipuLhmm, think i need to ad a few extra processes if you lot are going to play with it ;P02:56
nipuLwondering why it was running so slow?02:58
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jaegerI just looked at the TODO26; what's .tar.xz?12:54
aonlzma afaik12:56
jaegerI'm gonna commit my changes to system/iso.git 2.5 if nobody objects12:57
jaegeraon: ah, ok12:57
jaegerI wondered if that was it but I thought those were .tar.lzma for some reason12:57
jaegerthough I suppose there's no requirement for that name12:57
tilmanxz is the successor to lzma12:58
jaegerah, thanks. I'll check it out12:59
tilmanjaeger: can you post a diff of your changes to crux-devel please?13:00
aoni wondered about that name too13:03
aonbut the page doesn't really say what it is13:03
jaegertilman: posted13:08
jaegerI still plan to rewrite initramfs/init from scratch but haven't gotten to that yet13:11
tilmanmmh. if it goes in the 2.5 branch it should probably be called 2.5.1 rather than -updated(?)13:11
jaeger-updated is simply what I always called my builds13:11
jaegeror -latest13:12
jaegerit could easily be something else13:12
jaegerI was planning to commit it with CUSTOMERVERSION blank, if that matters13:12
jaegerer... CUSTOMVERSION13:12
tilmanah, i see13:12
tilmanlooks good in general of course13:13
tilmanlets hear jue's thoughts on it tomorrow13:13
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jaegeroops, forgot to include my config with the patch... I'll post it if anyone asks18:36
jaegergood idea to change arch/i386 to arch/x8619:03
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