IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2009-05-26

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aoni believe usbutils needs update09:07
aonin 2.609:07
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jaegerif I merge my 2.5 changes into the 2.5 branch is someone merging those into 2.6?12:25
jaegerI haven't tested 2.6 at all locally so I'm hesitant to mess with it12:25
tilmanah damn12:30
tilmanforgot to check on crux-devel yesterday12:30
tilmanjue: jaeger's diff is against 2.5 -- i think they could go in to the 2.5 branch, too, no?12:31
jaegerjue: if you're still here, yes it was against 2.512:31
jaegernm, beat me to it :)12:31
tilmanjue: merging that commit to 2.6 shouldn't be terribly difficult12:31
jaegerI will build 2.5 updated ISOs until some point after 2.6's release anyway so having the changes in 2.5 is nice12:31
tilmanjue: yes12:49
tilmanjaeger: yes. especially considering that there's no fixed release date for 2.6 =)12:49
jaegeryeah, that too12:50
tilmanjaeger: offering people an ext4-compatible iso is nice imo12:50
tilmanhave i mentioned that my converted ext4 on the laptop has issues on every routine fsck? :>12:50
tilmansome inode's refcount is off everytime O_O :>12:50
jaegerconverted from ext3?12:51
jaegerI haven't even tried ext4 yet, myself12:51
juejaeger: sure, I can do the 2.5 -> 2.6 merge12:51
jaegerjue: ok12:51
jaegerI'll push my changes after work today12:52
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