IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-05-29

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sepenhmmm. there're some unmaintained ports merged from opt 2.5 in 2.6, should they be removed? I think that yes, or at least before release 2.6
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tilmansepen: that's unrelated to the merge though, right? i mean the same ports are in opt/2.5 as well07:30
rehabdollyeah i think he means they should not be shipped with 2.607:33
tilmanyes, i got that part :D07:33
tilmanand i agree07:33
sepenI adopted enough simone's ports for now, but I'd like to have pkg-get for opt in the future, so maybe I'll re-adopt when 2.6 will be released08:09
tilmanpkg-get was the only one on the list that made me wonder08:10
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sependid jaeger added the busybox tag to the Makefile finally?08:38
tilmantsk, watch your wording08:40
sepenI said something wrong? sorry then08:40
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tilmansepen: it's okay, since we all know your english is bit funny at times ;))08:41
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sepentilman, fuck! ;D08:41
sepen(to do) subject (verb)?, right?08:42
jaegersepen: yes, I did08:43
sepenjaeger, thanks! any differences with the actual mdev usage?08:43
jaegernothing specific to mdev, added losetup to the initramfs to fix the mount issue08:44
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