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juebrand-new mdadm (3.0) depends on udev for device creation, on line of it's udev rules-file is:03:07
jueIMPORT{program}="vol_id --export $tempnode"03:07
tilmanwas vol_id the one that got kicked from ude? :)03:08
jueyeah :)03:09
juefirst I thought that we do the update only with 2.6, but we should do it the other way around03:10
tilmancore/2.6/udev is at version 142, and it sitll has vol_id though03:10
jueoops, sure?03:11
tilmanhang on03:11
tilmani think we kept vol_id because hal neede it03:11
tilmanwe planned to remove vol_id once hal was updated03:11
tilmani think :)03:11
tilmanjue: was removed in 142, but /lib/udev/vol_id is still there03:12
juetilman: /sbin/vol_id is a dead symlink to /lib/udev/vol_id here03:16
tilmanjue: you are right :|03:35
tilmanbbl :p03:35
juerehabdoll: jre -> jue , jdk -> sepen03:45
sepenwe're competing. the first who excutes ck4up will win ;D03:48
juesepen: you are listed as the maintainer in x86_64/opt/jre03:50
sepenthat should be an error, of course, I'm not using x6403:52
juenot important, just for correctness03:52
sepenyeha, thanks for the corrections03:52
juerehabdoll: thx03:54
rehabdollits probably been like that since sip gave it away03:54
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tilmanjue: btw, i gave rehabdoll write access to our experimental core-x86_64 repository06:02
tilmanjue: i meant to talk to cptn and you before doing that, but you weren't around and i figured it's not that big a deal06:02
tilmanjue: are you okay with that, or are you biting your desk right now?06:06
jueno, it's ok for me :)06:11
sepenjue, opt/transmission doesn't hard-require gtk, iirc is listed as optional by transmission
sepenI like to have transmission on my crux server box without any xapp dep, and now seems its working fine with this patch06:18
juesepen: yep, that's right06:19
sepenso maybe you want to list gtk as optional06:19
sepenor it wouldn't be fine?06:20
jueone might split the port in transmission-{gui,cli,what-ever}06:20
sepenhmm, well spliting ports is an option, but also a good readme file could do the trick imho06:21
sepenat least for now06:21
juewell, it's too much work for me to build the port with/without gtk for each update06:21
sepenI don't think so, just I patched the lines that could break (I mean, rm -r --> rm -rf, ...)06:22
juebut feel free to take over the port, if you want06:22
sepenor the 'find' command06:22
sepenjue, thanks but I'm a casual user for this port06:23
sepenjust I wanted to say you my first impressions, ;D06:23
jueyeah, thanks for that06:24
juebtw, if you want a torrent client for your server btpd might be an option06:26
sepenwell, the fact is that mldonkey also can handle torrents, but I'm testing other solutions06:30
juesepen: IMO we should not try to simulate 'use' flags with conditional/forcing stuff in our Pkgfiles.07:02
jueIf we remove the gtk dep from the transmission port, it has to be build without gtk installed to get a .footprint without the gtk dependend stuff. That's what I mean above with too much work.07:02
jueaon: success with a proper fix for libcap?07:07
aoni'll look at it again when i'm at home07:07
jueok, fine. I got a error for cdrkit as well, it's the readline name clash07:08
aonon 2.6?07:11
aondoes that fix it?07:13
tilmanso does libcap provide getline() and fexecve?07:14
aonuhm, huh?07:14
aonapparently cdrkit does07:15
tilmani barely know anything about this problem ;D07:15
jueI think, looks like the path I've usaed for binutils ->
aoni don't remember anything about the libcap problem, nor why i did commit a non-working patch07:16
aonbut perhaps i will07:16
tilmanthat fillbytes prototype in schily.h looks suspiciously like memset07:22
tilmanmaybe sunos 1.x didn't have memset? :P07:22
tilmanand what the hell? K&R style function definitions? o_O07:23
aon"Ja, das ist the way ich have been doing zis since 1985!"07:24
tilmanyou're talking to two german guys, aon.07:25
aoni know.07:25
aonyou may freely attempt to offend me in mixed finnish and english now07:26
tilmanyeah, right07:26
sepenjue, yeah, I'm agree, but a README file mentioning that you can build the port without gtk would be useful too08:05
prologicjust don't list gtk as a dep08:07
tilmanprologic: pgup08:07
sepenprologic, no, please read the entire backlog08:07
prologicI was half followingt ;)08:07
prologica patch is required iirrc08:08
prologicjust promise we won't turn into gentoo :)08:08
sepenjue, I think you can keep my last 3 parched lines in the Pkgfile08:08
sepenxD, sorry08:10
sepentilman, patch means 'parche' in spanish08:11
tilmanah, i didn't realize you meant 'patched'08:11
sepenyeah s/r/t08:12
sepenyou could translate directly from spanish to english by replacing 't' > 'r'; (tutorial > rurorial)08:13
tilmansepen: look up 'parched' in a dictionary to understand why i was confused :D08:13
sepenah ok08:13
sepenlike dried?08:14
tilmanyeah :D08:14
sepenhehehe, now. ;D08:14
sepenso maybe I'll fork xtoaster to xparcher after this lesson08:17
jaegeraon: läskipää!08:17
jaegerhrmm, that probably didn't come through properly08:18
tilmanlooks good to me08:18
jaegerI got squares on my end, heh08:18
sepenlooks good to me too, (xchat in utf8)08:18
jaegerok, so I don't completely fail at finnish insulting08:19
jaegerthough it's a lame insult :)08:19
strawtilman: could you add as new mirror on the site?08:43
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aonjaeger: yeah, it did09:32
aonand it's true too09:32
aonjue: what was the exact error with libcap and glibc 2.10 again?09:46
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jaegerhrmm... getting an undefined reference to 'main' in crt1.o trying to build libgmp10:18
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tilmanstraw: i guess that's the same host that alexander sulfrian submitted on sunday?10:20
jaegeroops, I was building the wrong one. never mind10:26
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strawtilman: yup11:27
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nipuLaon: i get that one too, the headers patch is causing the problem18:46
aonnipuL: which error (if any) do you get without the patch?23:02
nipuLit works without the header patch23:08
aonnon-glibc 2.10?23:31
nipuLi'm using 2.1023:41

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