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jueaon: without the patch I get this ->
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nipuLtilman: care to explain how this predicate/call back implementation works in pkgutils6?05:36
tilmancan you be more specific?05:41
tilmanPredicate just wraps some criteria that you want to check on a PkgPackage05:41
tilmanso has_package checks whether there's a package in the database that matches some criteria05:42
nipuLnever mind, it wasn't needed for what i wanted to do05:45
nipuLi want to make pkgrm more verbose about why it fails, so i can either check if the packge in installed first, or change pkg_database_remove to return int and define error codes05:48
nipuLthe first is easier, but probably less efficient05:48
tilmanplease define error codes05:48
nipuL#define ENOPKG 12305:49
tilmanwe should probably separate pkgutils' error codes from the standard ones05:50
tilmanso maybe PKG_PACKAGE_NOT_FOUND05:50
nipuLor we could paint the bike shed green05:51
tilmanhow is this bikeshedding?05:51
nipuLthe actual error code define name isn't overly iportant at this stage05:51
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nipuLsomething like?
nipuLany plans on how to handle -r -u yet?06:37
tilmani think -r is already supported06:37
nipuLill look again06:37
tilmannipuL: pkg_database_new takes a const char *root06:37
tilmani was working on -u two weeks ago06:38
tilmannot finished ;)06:38
nipuLhmm, pkgadd gave an error when i used -r06:40
nipuLcould be the changes i made06:40
nipuLhow wuld -u be handled? remove the old package then install the new one?06:40
tilmanactually i didn't get that far. i wrote most of the conflict-detection stuff06:41
tilmanbut yes, i think that's how we'd do it06:41
tilmanmaybe we could also just overwrite stuff and remove the left overs afterwards06:42
nipuLlol, re error on -r; return (int) db_commit06:43
* nipuL slaps forhead06:43
nipuLthen there's all the pkgadd.conf hooks06:44
tilmanright :D06:44
nipuLwill be a good time to add some new ones06:44
tilmanINSTALL isn't new though06:45
nipuLhmm, if we have INSTALL hy go through all the bother of disabling nls?06:48
nipuLseems having INSTALL ^usr/share/locale/.*$ NO as default would be easier06:50
nipuLthen individuals could choose to keep their own locales if they want06:50
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tilmannipuL: i wondered about using INSTALL ^\.la$ NO08:30
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nipuLthe absence of *.la would have made upgrading xlib/xcb recently easier08:33
tilmani don't think you gain anything by having them either08:34
tilmanafaik, libtool is seriously superfluous on linux08:34
nipuLi'm in favour of INSTALL hooks over manually removing in Pkgfiles08:35
tilmanwould locale files blow up the packages?08:35
tilmani guess they can be cmpressed nicely08:35
tilman.footprint is affected as well though08:36
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nipuLis that really a problem?08:37
tilmannot sure08:37
nipuLthe problem with such a change would be getting everyone on board08:37
tilmanwould be nice though -- the installer could ask "[ ] NLS-enabled crux"08:38
nipuL"[ ] Keep Documentation"08:39
nipuLplaying with a lib for parsing pkgadd.conf, dynamic list or limit number of rules?08:43
tilmannipuL: git show 524844baf157901069e213bc87d28ec2af104ccf08:44
tilmanyou can git-revert that08:44
nipuLshould use #warning "FIX ME" instead of /* FIX ME */09:06
tilmanthat breaks the build with -Werror09:09
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nipuLanyhoo, time to sleep09:58
nipuLdid a little bit, if you want a peek09:59
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tilmantux in french? tyx, of course :D11:41
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tilmanjue: do you know how to solve the vol_id problem with mdadm?12:11
tilmanjue: can i remove the dead symlink from udev in 2.6, or do i need to downgrade so mdadm can work?12:11
juetilman: I've committed 3.0 with a simple patch today12:12
juebut only for 2.612:12
jueand yes, I'd suggest to remove the symlink12:13
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nipuLugh, string handlling is such a pain in C19:33
nipuLtilman: I've put together a simple pkgadd.conf processor
nipuLhaven't tested it yet though, will do that this afternoon21:11

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