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teKnipuL: does ntp build for you?01:17
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tilmannipuL: looks good. please follow the coding/formatting style of the lib though (seems like you use 2 space indents)02:15
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nipuLi'll fix all that later04:53
nipuLhaving trouble with the list library though04:55
tilmanwhat's up?04:55
nipuLit segfault on me04:59
nipuLline 41 and onwards05:00
nipuLthe pkgrule structs are generated, but I can't access them from the list after they are prepended05:01
nipuLi think i'm not intialising the list correctly05:01
tilmannipuL: yes05:02
tilmaninitialize it like this:05:02
tilmanList *rules_list = NULL;05:02
tilmanrules_list = list_prepend (rules_list, new_entry)05:03
nipuLhmm, had a return NULL where it shouldn't be aswell05:04
nipuLno wonder it segfaultted05:04
nipuLfantastic, it works now05:07
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nipuLnow to see if i can apply the rules to pkgaddd06:54
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nipuLpkgrm hooks would be nice too06:56
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nipuLudev can be pushed back to 142 if it hasn't already, i've commited the new hal to opt/2.607:24
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jaegernipuL: Does your multilib crux use a modified pkgutils? You've probably talked about this before but I haven't really followed. =/ I do see the multiarch branch in your pkgutils git08:27
jaegeralso, do you have your ports trees available via rsync anywhere or only git?08:27
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nipuLhang on, battery low, moving to desktop09:01
nipuLjaeger: my pkgutils has one patch,
nipuLto build compat32 ports, you add "compat32" to .arch09:05
nipuLthe pkgmk.conf also has some extra stuff09:06
nipuLline 22: this is where the .arch file comes into play09:08
nipuLalso you'd probably notice the pkgmk.conf.d stuff09:08
jaegerIs your updated version the one referenced in core/pkgutils/Pkgfile in 2.5-multilib?09:09
nipuLthis is again to make managing cpmpat32 ports easier09:09
jaegerlooks pretty reasonable09:10
jaegerI've finally got some time to play with it so I'm installing pure64 with the intent to install your stuff over it09:10
nipuLand no, i don't have rsync repos available09:10
jaegerwould you have any objections to me making an ISO of it if I can?09:10
nipuLnot at all09:11
jaegerAs much as I like ubuntu in general I'd prefer to move this workstation back to crux, so need multilib :)09:12
nipuLubuntu's ok, until you want to do something interesting09:14
jaeger$CC seems to be getting set to m3210:28
jaegerwhen trying to build bzip2-compat3210:29
jaeger(at least, m32 is what seems to be invoked)10:33
jaegerm32 -O2 -pipe -march=i686 .*10:35
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jaegeroops, that was my fault, typo in pkgmk.conf10:37
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jaegernipuL: ok, think I've got it pretty happy now :) I was able to run an old 32 bit sega master system emulator on it13:36

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