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tilmanjue: i don't know -- does it offer any significant fixes or features?10:30
juefixes only IIRC10:35
tilmannone of them critical, i guess10:36
juewell, critical not10:38
tilmanthat's a really minor issue imo10:40
jueyeah, sure10:41
juethere are others, but I couldn't find them ATM10:42
tilmani'd stick to the stable release10:42
juethat's another one:
juebut it's not fixed in 2.8.710:49
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juetilman: just updated the iso stuff and successfully created an image, not tested though11:47
jueany idea for a test1 schedule?11:47
juemaybe two reasons to wait: kernel 2.6.30 and the not finished util-linux/e2fsprogs changes11:49
tilmanyup, i just thought about whether waiting for 2.6.30 made sense11:49
tilmani think it's due soonish11:49
aonare there any packages available still?11:50
aoni kinda wouldn't want to upgrade glibc from source11:50
aonjue: gimme the iso :)11:50
jueadded another link to TOD02611:53
jueaon: how about binutils/gcc/glibc etc. packages?11:54
aonyeah, enough11:54
juebut well why not the image ;-)11:54
aonheh :)11:54
tilmanjue: i'll set up a test system where i won't install any libtool archives (*.la)11:56
tilmanjue: i'd like to see whether that causes any problems at all11:56
juetilman: sounds interesting12:02
jueaon: sorry, my upstream is super-slow12:03
aon2009-06-06 20:08:05 (40.9 KB/s)12:09
aonhey, sourceforge mirrors are slower than that sometimes :)12:09
aonactualy the most of them, and all the time12:10
juetilman: btw, because of this commit ->
jueI get a lot of error messages when starting x12:24
tilmani have an idea what those errors might be12:24
tilmancan you paste your x log?12:24
juelooks like a xkbcomp error12:25
jueI got nearly the same if I run ->  $:> xkbcomp /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/inet12:26
aonour bash is dynamic :s12:26
aonwas there any comment on the patch i posted to pkgmk12:33
aonso that it fails if the package can't be written12:33
jaegerI didn't see it but I like the idea12:33
tilmanaon: i remember i commented on it12:35
tilmanthe check_directory function is currently used to check whether the directory (:D) is writable12:35
tilmanwhy doesn't that check catch the error you had?12:35
aonwhich directory?12:36
aonoh, right, it is12:36
aoni have a dir for packages i can write to12:36
aonbut some packages there are built by root12:36
aonso i can't overwrite them12:36
aonjue: can you put bash there too?12:38
jueaon: sure12:38
jueok, bash and ncurses added12:40
aonactually, isn't there a lot of stuff in core to be able to build packages?12:46
aon+that's needed12:46
juesure, but if you install the new packages over a 2.5 installation you should be able to compile the rest12:47
aonyeah, i guess so12:48
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