IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2009-06-08

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juejaeger: around?08:45
juefine, wrt the 'password expired' problem08:46
jueI think new shadow behaves correct here because we have a defailt entry like08:47
juein /etc/shadow08:48
jaegerI believe the ISO does as well, though I can double check08:48
juethe man-page says about the third field:08:49
jue The value 0 has a special meaning, which is that the user should change her pasword the next time she will log in the system08:49
juejust tested with new 2.6 iso, I have to change the password08:49
jaegeroh... hrm08:50
jaegershould it just be blank to revert to the old behavior?08:50
jueI think no, because for the port/package that's ok, but not for the iso08:51
jaegerI mean only on the ISO08:52
jaegerI don't think making installers change the password is acceptable08:52
jueI'd suggest that we copy over a special version of /etc/shadow as we do with fstab for example08:52
jue@cp iso/etc/{motd,fstab,hosts,inittab,issue,,protocols,rc,rc.shutdown,rc.single,services} \ $(SQUASHFS_DIR)/etc08:53
jaegerI'll give it a try, at least it's an easy change08:54
jaegerbut my question remains, is it just blank?08:54
jaeger(third field)08:54
juejaeger: btw, thanks for your iso update, my first try to build a 2.6 went very smooth08:58
jueI did only two minor changes: kernel + syslinux update09:00
jaegerexcellent :)09:00
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jueif someone wants to try that unoffical test release ->
jaegernice, I'll give it a shot09:10
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