IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2009-06-09

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juetilman: ping07:38
aonhi jue07:40
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jaegerjue: the shadow tweak we talked about yesterday did work08:06
juecool :)08:09
juethe old behaviour of shadow was a definitely a bug IMO, it was not possible to allow a root-login without password, but to force the user to change it08:12
jaegermakes sense08:13
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tilmanjue: pong10:46
juehi tilman :)10:51
juetilman: xterm is partly broken with our 2.6 install10:51
juehint: CTRL-RIGHT-CLICK on a xterm-window and select a different font10:52
tilmanbrrr, fonts :D10:52
juefix is either to include font-misc-misc and font-alias or to ajust xterm's app-defaults10:52
* tilman downloads the test iso10:52
jaegerone day fonts won't be a huge pain in the ass10:53
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aonis there a test iso now?12:24
aonoh cool12:26
aonnow i can just pkgadd whole core12:26
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jaegernipuL: are you interested in help keeping ports in your branches up to date?14:00
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