IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2009-06-10

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prologicanyone gotten Chrome to work on their system yet ?01:47
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nipuLdoes this mean the end of tuz?03:31
mike_k_heh, POHMELFS! he managed to make it into the kernel, finally...03:32
mike_k_that means literally MORNINGAFTERFS =)03:32
teKit's over according to heise.de03:33
strawand yes, it's tux again03:57
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teKimho 2.6.30 boots fast as lightning (and CRUX, of course)06:30
mike_k_on an SMP system?06:33
nipuLjaeger: just let me know if you have changes you want pulled06:35
teKP III 70006:35
prologicdefine: lighting fast06:36
teKI belive it to be faster *g*06:38
teKI can measure it if you're interested.06:38
teK7s LILO to init wit 2.6.30 and 8s wit
prologic1s improvement ;)06:59
prologicyou sure you weren't out by 1s :)06:59
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jaegernipuL: sounds good, I was planning to set up a local git today for it08:12
jaegerprologic: haven't tried it yet, myself08:13
nipuLapparently .30 should be faster as they finally introduced parallel loading of subsystems08:24
jaegerspeaking of "the end of tuz", anyone know how to properly change the boot logo these days? I made a banner one for fun but couldn't get it to work with the old method (fblogo)08:29
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jaegernipuL: gl-select32 has a .md5sum mismatch10:16
prologicyou mean linux finally has boot ogoos now ?10:18
jaegernipuL: (2.5-multilib)10:20
jaegerprologic: is that supposed to be a troll?10:21
prologichuh ?10:21
prologicno I was being serious10:22
prologicI was aware of patches that added boot logos10:22
sepenjaeger, gl-select32? iirc I'm the maintainer, just I'll see after going back to home10:23
jaegerprologic: the kernel has had boot logos (tux/tuz) for years10:28
jaegeryou have to use a framebuffer console to enable them but they've been there a long time10:28
prologicI must be missnig something10:28
prologicwhat were the patches for10:29
prologicbah forget it I can't remember :)10:29
jaegerwhich patches?10:29
prologicno idea ;)10:29
jaegermaybe we're not talking about the same thing10:29
prologicsome full-screen boot logo patches or something10:29
jaegerI think you're thinking of bootsplash10:29
prologicyes I am :)10:29
jaegerI'm only talking about the logo that's displayed at the top when the kernel loads :)10:29
jaegerok, sorry for the confusion10:29
prologicUbuntu for example uses it I think10:29
prologicno no it's ok10:29
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jaegerhrmm, no idea how to make gitweb change to a different default head10:42
jaegerah, custom sub git_get_head_hash maybe10:44
jaegernipuL: anyway, got a 2.5-multilib branch at git://
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jaegernipuL: only opt/apr and opt/nvidia-compat32 at the moment11:01
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tilmanjaeger: just don't. hacking the perl script just causes problems when you want to update it later :D11:59
jaegeryeah, I was kinda thinking that12:16
jaegerI'll either leave it alone or try cgi or one of those12:16
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tilmanfor large sites, cgit is soooo much faster than gitweb12:18
tilmanhi jue12:18
tilmandid anyone try 2.6.30 yet? :D12:22
jaegerI haven't yet12:23
jaegerheyo, jue12:23
tilmanjue: did it boot? :)12:23
jueyeah :-)12:23
tilmanokay then12:23
strawme too, works great :)12:49
* tilman just rebooted12:53
straw :>12:54
aoncgit looks cool12:54
aonbeen meaning to install some interface12:55
aoni'd use viewgit but that'd need php :|12:55
prologicstraw, what wm is that ?13:01
strawnope, fluxbox, but the panel has the same color as my background (#101010)13:02
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