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sepentilman, samael's passage really rocks ;D thanks!04:08
sepenalso I like the singer voice, imho, sometimes seems similar to rammstein04:09
sepennow it's time to purchase one album of 'Hannah Montana' to decrease my agressivity ;D04:10
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nipuLi'd think listening to hannah montana would increase one's agressiveness04:57
tilmansepen: np :D05:11
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sepennipuL, lol05:20
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tilmanremember when i bitched about ext4 having refcount issues that were found on _every_ routine fsck?06:49
tilmanjust noticed i have ext3 on that partition, not ext406:49
tilmandid anyone else try the test0 iso?06:52
tilmanwhen i logged in i had to set a new root password o_O06:52
aon:D :O :(06:53
aoni think i'll try it today06:53
aonprobably won't use the actual installer06:53
tilmanwhy not?06:59
aontoo much work to burn the iso07:00
aonso i'll just pkgadd from the live install07:00
aonor well, i guess it wouldn't hurt to wipe the whole thing07:00
Rotwangworking sourceforge mirror07:01
Rotwangi need07:01
Rotwanghalp, plx plx07:01
tilmanjaeger: "do you want the chance to select packages individually?" is that good wording? sounds a bit strange to me07:01
prologic"Would you like to select individual packages ?"07:03
prologic"Would you like to select individual packages?"07:03
aonRotwang: heanet.dl.sf.net07:03
aon/bin/sh: not found07:03
aonwhat07:03 has address has IPv6 address 2001:770:18:aa40::c101:c14207:03
Rotwangyeah thois one doesnt work for me :<07:04 has address has IPv6 address 2001:620:0:1b::2107:05
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tilmanhi jue07:29
tilmanah, thanks07:30
juebtw, Matt isn't responsible for the strings used in iso/setup ;-)07:35
tilmani know07:35
tilmani asked him because of his mastery of the english language :D07:36
jueyeah, that's right :)07:36
juefound any other problems so far?07:36
tilmanno :)07:37
juebtw, IMO we have two point open:07:38
juexz support for pkgmk and some kind of lvm support on the iso07:38
tilmani saw you added xz to opt07:39
jueyep, that's some days ago but yesterday I've updated it to the latest git version07:40
tilmanfor 2.6, it should go to core though imo07:40
tilmanso we can make libarchive link against it07:42
juestrictly or only if we use it for pkgutils?07:42
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tilmanjue: ? i didn't get that07:43
tilmanat some point we should build libarchive with xz support IMO07:44
juemy thoughts as well07:44
tilmanthough we _could_ move the port from opt to core when we decide to do that07:44
tilman(eg for 2.7?)07:44
juehmm, I'd like it to have xz support in pkgmk for 2.6 ;)07:45
tilmanthen lets move your xz port to core07:46
tilmanjue: i'll test it on this 2.6 installation and if successful, make core/coreutils use their xzipped tarball instead07:55
aoni wonder if debian is the sanest way to go for a less-self-maintenance more-packages-available distro07:56
aonall of them seem like crap :|07:57
tilmanjue: we cannot run in core/xz :)07:57
tilmanautopoint requires cvs :D07:58
juetilman: great, so you have a pkgmk which uses bsdtar already?07:58
* tilman looks at jue's xz tarball07:58
aoncvs to core \o/ /o\07:58
jueok, I'll prepare a pre-processed tarbal07:58
tilmanjue: we should distribute a proper tarball (generated from make dist)07:58
tilmanjue: it should probably go to, too07:59
tilmantar.Z is a compress-ed tarball, right?08:00
aonafaik yes08:01
tilmanhehehe, we don't even thave that one anymore08:02
sepenjue, did you update syslinux on the iso sometime ago, right?08:04
juesepen: yeah, but I saw that there's just another version now08:06
sepenyep, I updated the contrib port yesterday08:08
tilmanjue: does the xz stuff work? or do you need a hand?08:15
jueno, I'm just thinking about wether the same filename is acceptable or not08:19
juewhat do you think?08:20
tilmani'd call it -2.tar.gz08:20
jueok, but tar.bz208:20
tilmanoh, right08:21
juemake dist-bzip2 ;)08:21
tilman-rw-r--r-- 1 tilman tilman 9.3M May  8 21:23 coreutils-7.4.tar.gz08:22
tilman-rw-r--r-- 1 tilman tilman 3.9M May  7 19:05 coreutils-7.4.tar.xz08:22
juetilman: please try again08:27
tilmanjue: succcess. minor tweak: i think you can use --disable-nls to get rid of the locale files08:32
tilmaninstead of removing them later08:33
jueoh, missed that, thanks08:33
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jaegertilman: it's fine, nothing particularly strange there11:43
tilmanjaeger: alright, thanks12:14
tilmanjue: how about this? ;p12:15
juetilman: dunno what libfs is for, but no objections12:45
juewith the rest12:45
tilmanfs = "font service"12:46
jueyeah, I saw that, but ...12:47
tilmani don't really what it's doing either :)12:49
juenot very important, obviously12:51
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tilmanjue: how did you get xterm to crash with 2.6 again?15:20
jueno crash, but errors if you select a different font with ctrl-right-click15:22
jueand noop of course15:23
tilmancan't wejust document that in README? :p15:25
juehmm, xterm depends on font-misc-misc and font-alias TBH15:27
juemaybe we can ask sepen to patch the default settings ;)15:28
jueit's not nice to have a broken prog on the iso15:28
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sepenI'll take a look after dinner15:46
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